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An egg is either:
  • an ovum, the female, larger of the two gametes, that fuse in sexual reproduction, or
  • a body consisting of the resulting zygote, partly nutrient for the developing organism (the yolk[?]), and partly a buffer to protect the zygote (the albumin or "egg-white").

Reptile eggs, bird eggs, and mammalian monotreme eggs are surrounded by a protective shell, either flexible or inflexible.

Eggs in Cooking

Birds' eggs are commonly regarded as a food source by non-vegans. The most-used eggs are chicken, duck and goose, but smaller eggs such as quail eggs are occasionally used as a gourmet ingredient. Eggs are frequently used in both sweet and savoury dishes as a source of protein and/or to bind the other ingredients in a recipe together. Egg-yolks contain a small amount of fat and cholesterol, and people on a low-cholesterol diet may feel the need to cut down on egg consumption, though scientists are unsure of the merit of such a move. Egg-whites consist primarily of water (7/8th) and protein (1/8th) and contain no cholesterol or fat.

The primary cooking techniques for savoury eggs are:

Eggs as Decoration

  • Fabergé eggs are much prized collectors' items. Carl Fabergé was the favourite jeweller of many European Royal houses, including the Romanovs of Russia.

  • Easter eggs, also known as Pace eggs, are an ancient symbol of spring and the beginning of new life. They figure in egg hunts, egg rolling contests and egg-tapping.

  • Egg decorating is a craft which has become much more popular in recent years.

Egg proverbs

  • Eggs in the pan give pancakes, but nevermore chicks.
  • The egg pretends to be cleverer than the hen.
  • Never a chicken comes from broken eggs.
  • Eggs not yet laid are uncertain chickens.
  • Old eggs, old lovers and an old horse, are either rotten or for the worse.
  • Tread carefully among eggs.
  • He who wants eggs must endure the clucking of the hen.
  • One rotten egg spoils the pudding.
  • He who has many eggs scatters many shells.
  • Half an egg is worth more than all the shell.

Ovoid means egg-shaped.

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