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Druidry refers to the religion of the ancient druids, the "priestly class" in ancient Celtic society. Modern attempts at reconstructing druidism are often called Neo-druidism.

Druids used to not only take the part that a modern priest would, but were often the philosophers, scientists, lore-masters, teachers, judges and councillors[?] to the kings.

The teaching of druidry is split into three "grades" that nowadays go by many names, but are commonly referred to by the names used by OBOD[?] -> the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. These grades are:

  • Bard - who was taught how to read and write, but more importantly was taught the poetry and lore of the time. Bards were the keepers of lore and were expected to know by memory all the myths, legends, history and even bloodlines of the land.
  • Ovate - one who was taught herb-lore and the "deeper secrets"
  • Druid - one who has learned much lore and begun to use it to teach others, counsel and function as a judge in the affairs of others.

Acceptance into each grade required an initiation by those of equal or higher grade.

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