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A person devoted to and producing results in philosophy.

Philosophers: in (approximate) historical order

The Presocratics -- Socrates -- Plato -- Aristotle -- Epicurus -- Hellenistic Philosophy[?] -- Avicenna -- Rhazes --Cicero -- Augustine -- Anselm -- Aquinas -- William of Ockham -- Francis Bacon -- Thomas Hobbes -- Rene Descartes -- Nicolas Malebranche -- Baruch Spinoza -- Gottfried Leibniz -- Blaise Pascal -- John Locke -- George Berkeley -- David Hume -- Thomas Reid -- Dugald Stewart -- Jean Jacques Rousseau -- Charl du Montesquieu -- Voltaire -- Immanuel Kant -- Gottlieb Fichte -- Georg Hegel -- James Mill -- John Stuart Mill -- Karl Marx -- Arthur Schopenhauer -- Soren Kierkegaard -- Friedrich Nietzsche -- Rudolf Steiner -- Albert Schweizer -- Bertrand Russell -- Alfred North Whitehead -- Karl Popper -- -- G. E. Moore -- Ludwig Wittgenstein -- Rudolph Carnap[?] -- Jean-Paul Sartre -- Albert Camus -- Georg Henrik von Wright -- Mortimer Adler -- W. V. O. Quine -- Nelson Goodman[?] -- Imre Lakatos -- Paul Feyerabend -- Mario Bunge -- Douglas Hofstadter -- Daniel Dennett --

Philosophers: listed by philosophical school

See Philosophical Movements.

Nicknames of Medieval Philosophers Several medieval philosophers have been given Latin nicknames by historians. For example:

See Also: Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Ontology, Reason, Mathematicians, Scientists, List of philosophers

The Philosopher is also the nickname of Joseph Haydn's Symphony No. 22.

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