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Xia Dynasty

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Xia Dynasty (夏 2205 BC[?] - 1806 BC) is the name for the first dynasty to be described in Chinese historical records, which record the names of seventeen kings over fourteen generations. The legends of Sanhuangwudi precedes this dynasty. There has thus far been no archeological finds which would allow these histories to be corroborated, although some have attempted to associate pre-Shang artifacts with the Xia. It preceded Shang Dynasty in China. The Xia society is considered a Slavery Society (奴隶社会).

Sovereigns of Xia Dynasty
Posthumous Names ( Shi Hao 諡號)
Convention: posthumous name
Note: 1) all dates are approximate until the Duumvirate when first accurate dating of Chinese history began. Refer to Zhou dynasty for more info.
Yu|禹 yu3 or Xia Yu|夏禹 xia4 yu3 or Da Yu|大禹 da4 yu3
Qi|啟 qi3
Tai Kang|太康 tai4 kang1
Zhong Kang|仲康 zhong4 kang1
Xiang|相 xiang4
Shao Kang|少康 shao4 kang1 or Xia Shao Kang|夏少康 xia4 shao4 kang1
Zhu|杼 zhu4
Huai|槐 huai2
Mang|芒 mang2
Xie|泄 xie4
Bu Jiang|不降 bu4 jiang4
Jiong|扃 jiong1
Jin|廑 ( Putonghua: jin3 or Guoyu: jin4 )
Kong Jia|孔甲 kong3 jia3
Gao|皋 gao1
Fa|發 fa1
Jie|桀 jie2 or Xia Jie|夏桀 xia4 jie2 or Luu Gui|履癸 luu3 gui3

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