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Please place press coverage in this section rather than in another category; but place weblog entries under the weblog categories. If you add an article, please cite both the title and the source.

See also: Danish (http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Pressed%E6kning), French (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipédia:Wikipédia%20dans%20la%20presse), and German (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Artikel%20über%20Wikipedia) press coverage, see the Other languages links above.

Press coverage archives:

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Press releases

Wikipedia as a source

Several newspapers and magazines have cited Wikipedia as a source. This is of course a great vote of confidence, but also brings with it a responsibility. Was French toast really called German toast[?] before? Was the Mesopotamian plain really called the Fertile Crescent?

These articles were found using Google News (http://news.google.com/news?q=wikipedia) and AltaVista News (http://altavista.com/news/search?q=wikipedia&nc=0&nr=0&ns=0&nd=0&avkw=xytx&clh=).

About Wikipedia



  • ABC Design (http://www.abcbg.com/cgi-bin/ezine.pl?v&y00018)


  • KLIK Magazin (http://www.klik.hr/naslovnica/znanost/200110160002025)



  • Radio Polonia (http://www.radio.com.pl/polonia/esperanto_eo.asp) interviews Chuck Smith; broadcast 2002/04/28 (MP3 (/upload/2002-04-28-radio_polonia_pri_vikipedio.mp3), transcript (http://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikipedio:Intervjuo_cxe_Radio_Polonia))


  • MTV3 Internet (http://www.mtv3.fi/uutiset/mediait/news.shtml?pubid=82594) (article moved)


  • Figyelo net (http://www.fn.hu/hirek.cmt?id=1) (article moved)


  • VBScuola.com (http://vbscuola.it/nsb/meyers.htm) (translation of Meyers article)

Japanese - 日本語


  • korea.internet.com (http://korea.internet.com/channel/content.asp?cid=161&nid=18784) Press release coverage


  • Veni, Vidi, Wiki (http://www.espen.com/papers/venividiwiki) - about Wikipedia as a tool for communal writing
  • Kulturnett (http://magasinet.kulturnett.no/artikkel.php?id=3c98792bb7e31) - article on Wikipedia from library science magazine


  • Interia.pl (http://komputery.interia.pl/id/akt/www/wys?inf_id=191942)
  • On 30.10.2001 the biggest Polish daily "Gazeta Wyborcza" had a lengthy article about Wikipedia. You can read it in Polish here (http://www.gazeta.pl/_komputer/artykul.jsp?xx=513876&dzial=02110203).
  • The same article (somewhat shortened) was reprinted by "Angora" weekly magazine. (11.11.2001)
  • "Trybuna" daily newspaper had a feature about Wikipedia in the issue of 10.11.2001.
  • PC World Komputer (http://www.pcworld.pl/witryna/witryna.asp?nr=441) Witryna Dnia, Wikipedia.com, 6 stycznia 2002



  • Computerra.ru (http://www.computerra.ru/offline/2001/415/13039/page2)


  • El Mundo (http://www.elmundo.es/navegante/2001/09/25/softlibre/1001431379)
  • Datafull.com (http://www.datafull.com/noticias/notasola.php?cual=572)
  • Ke!, revista de Infonomia (http://www.infonomia.com/extranet/index.asp?idm=1&idrev=1&num=612) (requires log-in)
  • Noticias.com (http://www.noticias.com/noticias/2001/0110/n01100127.htm)

See also: Friends of Wikipedia, Wikipedia cited on usenet, MeatBall:WikiInTheNews

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