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By the way... your writing, whether it be at e2 or wikipedia rules... :) -- Dragon Dave[?] (The Cow @ everything2):

Are you like amazingly smart? U seem to know something about everything.

That's my problem. I know a little bit about a lot of subjects, but I don't really know much in depth that's 1. within the scope of an encyclopedia and 2. not already covered in Wikipedia. --Damian Yerrick

I'm curious as to where you got the information about the Atari Jaguars cache issues. I know the Jaguar has a reputation for being a pain to program (much like the original PS) but I think the phrasing of your latest addition seems to imply it was a major factor in the Jaguars demise. Just curious. Alex

Clarified, with a link to the /. article where I found it. If programmers can't easily get what they want out of a machine after several tries, they may just delete the feature in frustration. Besides, the last few Super NES games were as good as what was coming out on the Jag. --Damian Yerrick

Hey man. Looks like you have the same problem with the table on your user page that I had in table in the Beryllium article (probably because I used your table as one of the examples I looked at to create the Beryllium table -- *grin). Don't know why this rendering error happened all of the sudden -- I think Jimbo has been playing around with the wiki software lately. Anyway, someone far better at HTML coding than me, already fixed the table I made, so you can take a look at what they did to fix yours. Cheers! --maveric149

What they did was disallow nested tables. Fixed. --Damian Yerrick

The lack of backup exemption means that Nintendo can go after sites that carry ROM dumps copyright 1991 or later (Super NES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy) Should this now read 1992? Dragon Dave[?], aka Dave McKee

Mask work copyright: Fixed. Tell me if there are any others that need updating. --Damian Yerrick

I made some edits to Mask work copyright, but you really ought to rename it. Mask work protection isn't copyright (see my edits) --Dave "Novalis" Turner (I don't think I have a login here).
  : fixed. --Damian Yerrick

Damian, could you explain somewhere how you created the picture on Sierpinski triangle? This would be good from a GFDL perspective so that people can easily modify the work, and it would also be nice as an example for people to follow in creating graphics. AxelBoldt
I used GIMP to draw one 6x6 pixel unit (three triangles); then I cut'n'pasted it; then I cut'n'pasted that, until it was as big as I wanted. Should I write a short C program that reproduces this? --Damian Yerrick
Well, you don't have to, I was just interested. Isn't there also a way to write GIMP scripts? That would be a nice illustration to be added to our GIMP article as well. Another possibility would be a recursive C program using the GD library. AxelBoldt
Sierpinski triangle/Image credits --Damian Yerrick
Added text-mode perl version at the bottom. --Novalis


I think we need the Menger sponge. I have one on my website - www.fractal-landscapes.co.uk/graphics/pictures/menger_640.jpg , but I think that you are probably a better person to write the article. - The Ostrich

Damian, please read the talk before deleting whole articles.

The two Green Party articles were up for a reason, and your redirect went in the wrong direction. The newer complete article that contained the complete text of "Green Party" was in "Green Parties", and "green party" (generic) had yet to be defined.

Now it is, sorry this wasn't done before, but please check the talk when you find something you think is a bug or major redundancy.

Should "Check the Talk" be written in naming conventions? Or should I just stay off Wikipedia for a few days? Am I about to be banned? Or am I reading too much into this?

Another example of this type of situation is the "Gaia theory" created by Lovelock which is different from the specific "Gaia Theory" of Lynn Margulis

Would those be better as Lovelock Gaia theory[?] vs. Margulis Gaia Theory[?]?
No. Lovelock is associated with the (first) Gaia Hypothesis, Margulis with the (later and current) Gaia Theory, and the development of theory in general related to these, and the less scientific forms of theory around them both, is Gaia theory. The entries as they stand are right.

capitals matter.


For the first few days after the conversion to the PHP script, Wikipedia was case insensitive. I wonder why it was switched back.

Because case insensitive is wrong too e.g. "libertarian" and "Libertarian" are two different things. What's needed is two distinct entries that appear in the user interface and indices as two distinct entries.

Sorry about the long line, I didn't realize it wouldn't wrap.


Putting goat as a summary on anus is just begging for lots of hits. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Putting goatse.cx would have been a lot more informative.

(please note: this is tongue-in-cheek...)

user:Dragon Dave

perhaps we need a "fun:" space in which hacked up definitions, i.e. "Devil's Dictionary" style, is encouraged, even required.

We could all have fun defining each other into existence...

Thanks for your help with changing the old "KQ" links. :-) Koyaanis Qatsi
Damian -- don't know if you saw my response on talk:Conrad Celtes, but thought i would mention that I had responded. Lifting from a PD source without attribution isn't a copyright infringement, but it can be plagiarism, especially when passed off as one's own work. JHK

Slovene language -- QUOTE Western proper nouns or toponyms are not translated in full, as they are in Slavic languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet, such as Russian or Serbian./QUOTE -- Good guess, but sorry, look at the http://www.medijaklub.cg.yu/kultura/arhiva/11-00/7-11.htm for example of "Njutn". Not only Cyrillic-script Serbian, but Croatian, Bosnian etc. So I changed the paragraph. -- user:Vassili Nikolaev

oops. --Damian Yerrick

Hello Damian Yerrick,

Britannica Public Domain has been pretty much left behind by Wikipedia:1911 Encyclopedia Britannica and 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica. Could you take a look at those and see if you find problems? Ortolan88 13:38 Sep 2, 2002 (PDT)

fixed, except for one problem: I feel hesitant to make a change until the ae vs. e problem settles out. --Damian Yerrick

Hey Damian, love your articles -- I'm curious if you know anything about the Portuguese/Japanese connection I brought up in the Talk:False cognate. You seem to be the "authority"...
it's a loanword. --Damian Yerrick

Damian, are you interested in working on a Wikipedia:Guide for Everything2 noders? I managed to prompt an h2g2 participant to put together Wikipedia:Guide for h2g2 Researchers, and thought E2 noders might feel left out. :) If you're interested, some of your material at Everything2 would be ideal in the guide. -- Stephen Gilbert 04:00 Feb 21, 2003 (UTC)
how do you like it? --Damian Yerrick
Nice work! Now for a massive evangelism effort. :-) -- Stephen Gilbert 17:21 Mar 17, 2003 (UTC)

Dude, if you think HyperCard bears any relation to the WWW, you must know basically zero about either. Geez, WWW has exactly _one_ feature in common with HyperCard, the use of the term "hyper".

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