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Note: I've changed my username from Tzartzam to Sam Francis.
"Truly, we are rich, far richer than we think; rich in what we already possess, richer still in the possiblities of production of our mechanical outfit; richest of all in what we might win from our soil, from our manufactures, from our science, from our technical knowledge, were they but applied to bringing about the well-being of all."

Peter Kropotkin, The Conquest Of Bread, Chapter 1 (http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/kropotkin/ch1).

I'm nineteen. I've recently finished school and I'm now working in the payroll department of an NHS Trust sorting out pensions records. It's casual work, but should be okay.

I'm in a band, Aneska, and we're currently gigging around the place (Wolverhampton and the West Midlands), but we should be touring the UK early next year -- dates are on our redesigned website (http://www.aneska.net). We've been compared to Glassjaw[?], Rage Against the Machine and others, including Violent Femmes. According to Phil from UltimateMetal.com (http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/t22870/s054705d3b2c400fddbeb132280168f97), our songs veer "between nu-metal mosh-groove, near-noisecore dissonance and trad-rock melodicism without leaving room for breath." We tend to vaguely call our sound rock/metal. New MP3s (Feb. 2003) are now available from here (http://www.mp3.com/aneska) -- check them out!

I doubt I'll be online at all over the next week; we're in the studio for ten hours a day and I'd like to try and do without certain 'addictions' for at least a week, maybe two. Having read User:Koyaanis Qatsi's comments on the mailing lists, and witnessed User:Isis' remarks about User:Tarquin's "libel" against her (which, I think, consists of "I think you're wrong"), I might just have to start ignoring that kind of stuff. I'll certainly be turning off my mailing list mailings for the week. I might turn them on after that, I might not bother. Anyway, see you later!
Sam 12:37 Feb 2, 2003 (UTC)

I have a place at the University College London to study Economics and Philosophy in 2003, but I don't know whether I will. I consider myself an anarchist, or a libertarian socialist, because everything else doesn't make sense :)

I first came to Wikipedia after I found the Anarchism page via a google search, and added to my favourites to read at a later date. I came back, and started editing. Now my subconcious mission seems to be making the libertarian socialism page as long as possible.

I've worked a lot on... (but didn't start)

Pages I've started include...

See also: my livejournal (http://www.livejournal.com/users/itsmeagain), my CV (http://www23.brinkster.com/maztrazt/sam_francis_cv_(public)), my (mostly old) poetry (http://www.pathetic.org/library.php?i_memberid=1708), other Sam Francises[?]

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