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Arkadiusz D. Danilecki Asystent in University of Technology in Poznan, Poland. born 1976. Married, one daughter. More about me you can find here.

This list i keep just for myself, to remember which entries i want to edit or monitor. What i contributed so far:

  1. changes to History of Poland
  2. changes to Jadwiga, queen of Poland
  3. changes to Vandalism and Vandals
  4. Connection between Poles and Vandals
  5. Dagome Iudex
  6. Scandinavian origins of Mieszko I
  7. Massacre in Koniuchy
  8. Massacre in Yedwabne
  9. Janusz A. Zajdel
  10. Battle of Swiecin
  11. Polish proverbs
  12. Irgun and Menachem Begin
  13. Mieszko I
  14. Mieszko II of Poland
  15. Sagas
  16. Poznan
  17. Wielkopolska
  18. Orange Alternative
  19. Waldemar Frydrych
  20. many addition to dates in connection to articles i add or modify, and hundreds of added crosslinks.

short info about battles, which are summaries of short information from book i have

These are what i am going to do, not what i did List of battles Battle of Abukir -- Battle of Abrittus -- Battle of Adrianople -- Battle of Adua -- Battle of Afiun-Kara-Hissar[?] -- Battle of Actium -- Battle of Alalia[?] -- Battle of El Alamein -- Battle of Alesia --Battle of Alma -- Batle of Ankara[?] -- Battle of Antwerp[?] --- Battle of Ardennes -- Battle of Beresteczko

Historical myths -- Myths from Polish history -- Polish war myths

link to remember: http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=pl&selm=38B30D5D.BBE39488%40catv.retsat1.com.pl&rnum=1 /Talk




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