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Sagas are poetical histories describing ancient times, one's ancestors[?], or histories of people and nations. So-called sagamadras[?] recorded most of the Icelandic sagas between 1180 and 1300 A.D. Based on Norwegian and Icelandic histories and [genealogy | genealogies]], these sagas present views of Nordic life and times up to 1100 A.D. The saga writers sought to record their heroes' great achievements and to glorify the virtues of courage, pride and honour, focusing in the later sagas on early Icelandic settlers.

  • The Main Icelandic Sagas (═slendingas÷gur):
    • Bandamanna saga
    • Bßr­ar saga SnŠfellsßss
    • Bjarnar saga HÝtdŠlakappa
    • Brennu-Njßls saga
    • Droplaugarsona saga
    • Egils saga
    • EirÝks saga rau­a
    • Eyrbyggja saga
    • Finnboga saga ramma
    • FljˇtsdŠla saga
    • Flˇamanna saga
    • FˇstbrŠ­ra saga
    • FŠreyinga saga
    • Grettis saga
    • GÝsla saga S˙rssonar
    • GrŠnlendinga saga
    • GrŠnlendinga ■ßttur
    • Gull-١ris saga
    • Gunnars saga Keldugn˙psfÝfls
    • Gunnlaugs saga ormstungu
    • Hallfre­ar saga vandrŠ­askßlds
    • Hallfre­ar saga vandrŠ­askßlds
    • Har­ar saga og Hˇlmverja
    • Hßvar­ar saga ═sfir­ings
    • Hei­arvÝga saga
    • Hrafnkels saga Freysgo­a
    • Hrana saga hrings
    • HŠnsna-١ris saga
    • Kjalnesinga saga
    • Kormßks saga
    • Krˇka-Refs saga
    • LaxdŠla saga
    • Ljˇsvetninga saga
    • ReykdŠla saga og VÝga-Sk˙tu
    • SvarfdŠla saga
    • Valla-Ljˇts saga
    • VatnsdŠla saga
    • VÝga-Gl˙ms saga
    • VÝglundar saga
    • Vopnfir­inga saga
    • Ůorsteins saga hvÝta
    • Ůorsteins saga SÝ­u-Hallssonar
    • ١r­ar saga hre­u

The original vellum manuscripts as well as copies made during the Middle Ages and some present-day translations of the sagas can be studied on-line at the following website:

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