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Yuan Haowen[?] (1190-1257)

Ktsquare is the creative shorthand of the user's initials. His favorite sport teams include the Maple Leafs, Raptors and the Expos. Born to a Chinese couple and currently living in Canada, he is attracted to both Canadian culture and his parents' culture. Currently a univerity student and studying Chemistry, East Asian History and Anthropology, his interests includes Astronomy, Chemistry, History and Mathematics.

Feel free to post me a question on East Asia.


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External links:

Proper English tranliteration of Chinese Administartive units (http://weber.ucsd.edu/~dkjordan/chin/hbgovernment-u)
Comparative tables of Chinese, Japanese and Korean era names (http://homepage1.nifty.com/history/history)
Asian cinema reviews (http://www.illuminatedlantern.com/index)

Currently working on:

Wikipedia:WikiProject Chinese provinces, Wu Hu, started any Chinese emperor page if not already created.

Not finished (mainly due to ongoing information collection):

Wikiproject Battles
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Northern Wei Dynasty
Battle of Talas River[?]
Battle of Xiangyang
Thirty Six Stratagems[?]

Personal subpages:

Most of my past articles are listed here
Personal use

Tips on CJK Computing

Way(s) to Convert Chinese/Japanese/Korean Characters or text to HTML Unicode

If you are using IE 5 or above (I am using v.6), check this example

1. type or paste in the text, regardless of length.

2. Highlight the whole text and copy it.

3. Hit Show Preview and you should see a bunch of broken characters (as you see in the following text). Don't delete them:

中山先生早年行醫,因目睹滿清政府腐敗無能,國家一再遭受外國侵略,情勢危急,民 生凋敝,決心從事革命運動,推翻滿清帝制,重建民國;於是在甲午(一八九四)年十月創立興中會,揭示振興中華的宗旨,開始革命救國大業,並在一九○ 迥臧嗽拢教岢雒褡濉⒚駲唷⒚裆笾髁x。中山先生所領導的革命運動,經過了十次失敗,最後在辛亥(一九一一 )年十月十日的武昌起義,一舉成功,歷經五千年的帝制終於宣告結束。   同年十二月二十五日,各省代表在南京集會,選舉中山先生為中華民國臨時大總統 ,並且決定以辛亥年十一月十三日,也就是一九一二年一月一日,為中華民國開元之 日,定為中華民國元年元旦,亞洲第一個民主共和國-中華民國正式誕生。中山先生就任以後,首先通電各省選派參議員前往南京,組成國家最高民意機關-參議院,隨後訂定「臨時政府組織大綱」及「中華民國臨時約法」為國家基本大法;民國八年中山先生完成「建國方略」一書,提出以三民主義建設一個極和平、極自由、極平等的國家。民國十年,中山先生當選中華民國大總統,並在民國十二年發布宣言,聲明以三民主義為立國的根本,以五權憲法為制度的綱領。     民國十三年由於軍閥戰事不斷,中山先生秉持和平奮鬥救中國的信念,在十 一月十日發表北上宣言,提出召開國民會議及廢除不平等條約的主張之後,在十三日抱病從廣州啟程前往北京準備共商國事,民國十四(一九二五)年三月十二日不幸病逝北京,享壽六十歲。

4. Paste your text anywhere in the edit box and preview again. You must have your text in broken characters already seen in the edit box before you paste your text. Now you should see your text converted nicely. The converted characters should appears as &#xxxxx; (xxxxx is a 5-digit number), which means they are converted correctly. Repeat this step if needed until you see your converted text in preview.

中山先生早年行醫, 因目睹滿清政府腐敗 無能,國家一再遭受 外國侵略,情勢危急 ,民生凋敝,決心從 事革命運動,推翻滿 清帝制,重建民國; 於是在甲午(一八九 四)年十月創立興中 會,揭示振興中華的 宗旨,開始革命救國 大業,並在一九○五 年八月,正式提出民族、民權、民生三大主義。中山先生所領導的革命運動,經過了十次失敗,最後在辛亥(一九一一)年十月十日的武昌起義,一舉成功,歷經五千年的帝制終於宣告結束。   同年十二月二十五日,各省代表在南京集會,選舉中山先生為中華民國臨時大總統,並且決定以辛亥年十一月十三日,也就是一九一二年一月一日,為中華民國開元之日,定為中華民國元年元旦,亞洲第一個民主共和國-中華民國正式誕生。中山先生就任以後,首先通電各省選派參議員前往南京,組成國家最高民意機關-參議院,隨後訂定「臨時政府組織大綱」及「中華民國臨時約法」為國家基本大法;民國八年中山先生完成「建國方略」一書,提出以三民主義建設一個極和平、極自由、極平等的國家。民國十年,中山先生當選中華民國大總統,並在民國十二年發布宣言,聲明以三民主義為立國的根本,以五權憲法為制度的綱領。    民國十三年由於軍閥戰事不斷,中山先生秉持和平奮鬥救中國的信念,在十一月十日發表北上宣言,提出召開國民會議及廢除不平等條約的主張之後,在十三日抱病從廣州啟程前往北京準備共商國事,民國十四(一九二五)年三月十二日不幸病逝北京,享壽六十歲。

5. Now you may delete the broken characters

Ah, I see - so you have to paste it twice - and then delete the first one. Nice! Thanks. --豎眩

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