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Tuoba (拓拔 pinyin tuo2 ba4) or T'o-pa in Wade-Giles was a major clan of the Xianbei people. They established the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Chieftains of Tuoba Clan 219-377 (as Kings of Dai 305?-377)
Posthumous Names ( Shi Hao 諡號 ) Personal Names Period of Reigns Era Names (Nian Hao 年號) and their according range of years
As a well known fact, Tuoba Family was the ruling family of Northern Wei Dynasty, founded by Tuoba Gui. Hence Table of Northern Wei Dynasty will start with him, not as a continuation of this table.
Note: All chieftains were revered as emperors in Weishu[?] and Beishi[?] which they never were. They were denoted here as 王(wang2) which was inherited by all successors of Tuoba Yi Lu.
Shen Yuan Wang|神元王 shen2 yuan2 wang2 Tuoba Li Wei|拓拔力微 tou4 ba2 li4 wei2 219-277 Did not exist
Note: His temple name was Shi Zu|始祖 shi2 zu3. Another column was not created since only he was the only chieftain before Tuoba Gui revered with a temple name
Zhang Wang|章王 zhang1 wang2 Tuoba Xi Lu|拓拔悉鹿 tou4 ba2 xi1 lu4 277-286 Did not exist
Ping Wang|平王 ping2 wang2 Tuoba Chuo|拓拔綽 tou4 ba2 chuo4 286-293 Did not exist
Si Wang|思王 si1 wang2 Tuoba Fu|拓拔弗 tou4 ba2 fu2 293-294 Did not exist
Zhao Wang|昭王 zhao1 wang2 Tuoba Lu Guan|拓拔祿官 tou4 ba2 lu4 guan1 294-307 Did not exist
Mu Wang|穆王 mu4 wang2 Tuoba Yi Tuo|拓拔猗(拖 without 手) tou4 ba2 yi1 tuo1 295-305 Did not exist
Mu Wang|穆王 mu4 wang2 Tuoba Yi Lu|拓拔猗盧 tou4 ba2 yi1 lu2 295-316 Did not exist
Did not exist Tuoba Pu Gen|拓拔普根 tou4 ba2 pu3 gen1 316 Did not exist
Did not exist Tuoba (no first name)|拓拔? tou4 ba2 ? 316 Did not exist
Ping Wen Wang|平文王 ping2 wen2 wang2 Tuoba Yu Luu|拓拔鬱律 tou4 ba2 yu4 luu4 316-321 Did not exist
Hui Wang|惠王 hui4 wang2 Tuoba He Ru|拓拔賀(人+辱) tou4 ba2 he4 ru3 321-325 Did not exist
Yang Wang|煬王 yang2 wang2 Tuoba He Na|拓拔紇那 tou4 ba2 he2 na3 325-329 and 335-337 Did not exist
Lie Wang|烈王 lie4 wang2 Tuoba Yi Huai|拓拔翳槐 tou4 ba2 yi4 huai2 329-335 and 337-338 Did not exist
Zhao Cheng Wang|昭成王 zhao1 cheng2 wang2 Tuoba Shi Yi Jian|拓拔什翼健 tou4 ba2 shi2 yi4 jian4 338-377 Jianguo (建國 jian4 guo2) 338-377

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