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Since you mention you're new here, and don't have a user: page yet, I figured I'd inaugurate it with a hearty welcome to Wikipedia. Glad you're enjoying what you've seen so far. If you've got any questions at all, feel free to ask; old-timers like me just love showing off their knowledge by answering them :) Bryan

Eric, we love you. Please stay with us forever. And, while you're at it, can you give us some info? Annie

I'll get you started.

Where do you live, Lord and Master?

What's your occupation?

What are your interests?

Do have any outside links to share?

Exellent article! I did some cleanup, see what you think. Do you have any pets?

Anything else you care to share?

Thank you! =-D

Nice V2 pic.

Nice girl isn't ?

veryyyyyy pretty

as tu vu l'insoutenable légèreté de l'être ?

A long time ago I've read the book.

moi aussi...mais dans le livre...y a pas Juliette...dommage, tu vas devoir la retirer. Bonne nuit

please look at Racial characteristics. I just did some basic NPOVing but I believe the article is beyond hope -- please look at the original version too. I think it is just someone's atempt to do an end-run around the race article. Slrubenstein
Hello, Ericd
I like the article on Jean-Marie Le Pen. It is much more neutral as the one on the french wikipedia (where I contribute) which is (imho)... I can't find my words in english. In french: plus laudatif qu'objectif.
I'll look on a french/english dictionnary and come back.
Alvaro 21:41 19 May 2003 (UTC)
More laudative than objective
Alvaro 00:58 23 May 2003 (UTC)

Merci... BTW I am French. The article is still very incomplete it lacks for instance the (in)famous "Durafour crématoire". I was criticized as being non-neutral, I must say it's not easy to deal with this article I've tried to write some facts with references and avoid as much as possible judgement. But with Le Pen facts will give a rather negative feeling. Strangeless it seems nobody has found positive facts to balance the article. Ericd 01:20 23 May 2003 (UTC)

HI Eric -- DId you read the compromise version I put on the List of French monarchs? I tried to make it clear that the Merovingians are often considered French Kings and why, but then tried to explain why they weren't. I appreciate your attempt to make things more neutral and just wanted to bring it out a bit more whay there are these two viewpoints. Jacques changed that version -- it was too wordy, but I think pretty accurate. JHK

HI Eric -- important message!

Bravo Eric pour ta rapide traduction de la page François Truffaut ! Je viens toutefois d'en rajouter un peu sur la page française... Bon courage! Forlane 23:06 4 Jul 2003 (UTC)

Google est bien pratique ! Ericd 01:08 5 Jul 2003 (UTC)

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