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Tenchi Muyo

(天地無用!) Tenchi Muyo, a Japanese Animation series, is the story of Tenchi Masaki and the alien women that love him.

The Original Series, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, was a six episode OVA (Original Video Animation or Direct-to-Home Video) series; released in Japan in 1991-92, and later in North America in 1992-93 by Pioneer USA[?]. As its popularity grew, it spurred a seventh episode (also known as the Tenchi Special) and the Mihoshi Special. In 1994, the second OVA series was created and released, featuring episodes 8-13; these episodes explain each of the characters in more detail and introduces a new one. In 2003, the third OVA series is expected to be released, with episodes 14-19; the story is planned to center around the three goddesses introduced in the second OVA series.

Several variations of the original series were created. The first of these was Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, TV Series (also known as Tenchi Universe), in 1995; it is a twenty-six episode TV series that retells the original series differently. Next, Shin Tenchi Muyo! (also known as Tenchi in Tokyo), in 1997, is yet a third version of the story, but this time centered in Tokyo with a girl named Sakuya Kumashiro. It is also a twenty-six episode TV series.

The latest series, Tenchi Muyo! GXP, in 2001, goes back to the original OVA timeline; however this time the main character of this twenty-six episode TV series is Seina Yamada, a cousin of Tenchi Masaki who accidently joins the Galaxy Police.

Their are also three movies: Tenchi Muyo in Love!, 1996; Tenchi Muyo: Manatsu no Eve (The Daughter of Darkness), 1997; and Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: Haruka naru omoi (Tenchi Forever), 1999.

Tenchi Muyo has also two complete spin-offs. The first, Pretty Sammy, the Magical Girl, in 1995, is a three episode OVA Series that centers around a girl named Sasami Kawai who magically becomes Pretty Sammy. The second, Pretty Sammy (also known as Magical Project S), in 1996, is an alternate version of the OVA storyline.

Other versions of Tenchi Muyo are also available as graphic novels, video games, and radio dramas.

It was the first major successful work for AIC, the animation company behind it, which went on to create El Hazard and many other beloved anime series.

For many American fans, Tenchi was the series that introduced them to anime, or cemented their love for it. Along with Robotech, Ranma 1/2, and others, Tenchi helped to firmly establish the American anime community in the 1990s.

The Main Characters

  • Tenchi Masaki, the hero and descendant of aliens from the planet Jurai. He has a lightsabre-like sword.
  • Ryoko Hakubi, a feisty space pirate with many powers, who has fallen madly in love with Tenchi. She has an angry streak, a lot of light-blue hair, and a ship named Ryo-ohki that can turn into a half-cat, half-rabbit.
  • Ayeka Jurai, Princess of Jurai, who has found her way to Earth. She's a bit snooty, but most of her bad qualities are drawn out by Ryoko. The two constantly bicker.
  • Sasami Jurai, Ayeka's little sister, a sweet soul who does all the cooking.
  • Washu Hakubi, the greatest scientific genius in the universe. Undeniably cute and the mother of Ryoko, and creator of the Soja and Ryo-ohki. She constantly tries to get that "last" bit of data from Tenchi, failing usually due to Mihoshi when she enters the lab.
  • Mihoshi Kuramitsu, quite possibly the dumbest blonde in the galaxy, who also happens to be a Galaxy Police detective. She constantly enters Washu's lab and breaks things, sleeps often, and is the most lucky of the Galaxy Police.
  • Kiyone Makibi, Mihoshi's partner, who only appears in some of the timelines. Long-suffering and constantly dragged down by Mihoshi, who gets on Kiyone's nerves more than anyone's.
  • Nobuyuki Masaki, Tenchi's father, who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  • Katsuhito (Yosho) Masaki, Tenchi's grandfather (on his mother's side), who fled Jurai hundreds of years ago to "retire" on Earth. Tenchi's mother died when Tenchi was young.

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