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A spirit is a non-corporeal entity found in many religions and belief systems throughout the world. The word has many connections to the concept of the soul, with the difference that a spirit is not necessarily linked to a human.

In many belief systems, spirits are on the same plane of existence as gods, though of much lesser magnitude. For example, Zeus was a god, and any given dryad was likewise accounted as a spirit in greek mythology.

Many nature religions, such as animism, believe that everything found in nature has a personification, a spirit. These spirits may be prayed to, or in other ways coerced, in order to gain more favourable conditions. In such religions, magic is an integral part of reality, in effect the ability to communicate with the spirits.

Historically, spirits have been ascribed any number of powers, both over nature and over humans. Often a spirit's power is said to be linked with its purpose in creation.

In some parts of the world, spirits are believed to be able to possess humans and control their behaviour.

Spirit is also used as a synonym for alcohol or a distilled alcoholic beverage.
The B-2 Spirit is the official name of the United States Air Force's stealth[?] bomber.
Spirit is also the name of a Florida based airline company. Spirit Airlines uses McDonnell Douglas DC-9 jets to fly around Florida cities, to the Northeast and Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in Puerto Rico.
Spirit is also the name of a Flemish social-democratic political party, forming a cartel with the socialist party SP.a[?].

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