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Southern Expeditionary Army Group

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The Southern Expeditionary Army Group was part of the Japanese military during the World War II era. It was formed on November 6, 1941, under General Hisaichi Terauchi. He was given orders to seize American, British, and Dutch territory and thus help launch the Greater East Asia War.

The Greater East Asian War

The 14th Army[?] was to take the Philippines by March of 1942. The 16th Army[?] was to take the East Indies. The 15th Army[?] was to take Thailand. The 25th Army[?] was to take Malaya and Singapore. The 5th Army Air Force Division[?] was assigned to the Philippines.

The Invasion of the Philippines

Plans for invasion of the Philippines were finalized on November 13-15 at Iwakuni[?], Honshu, by Lieutenant General Masaharu Homma[?], Lieutenant General Hideyoshi Obata[?], Vice Admiral Ibo Takahashi[?], and Vice Admiral Nishizo Tsukahara[?].

These plans called for air attacks against the Philippines, beginning on X-Day, by the 5th Army Air Force Division and the 11th Naval Air Fleet[?]. At this time, army and navy units were to land on Batan Island[?], Luzon (at: Aparri, Vigan[?], and Legaspi[?]), and at Davao[?], Mindanao, and there seize airfields. Following the elimination of American airsupport, the main body of the 14th Army was to land at Lingayen Gulf[?], while another force landed at Lamon Bay[?]. These forces were then to attack Manila in a pincer attack. After this, the islands of Manila Bay were to be taken.

Composition of the Southern Expeditionary Army Group

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