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Rohan is a fictional location from J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

Rohan is a kingdom of farmers on the northern borders of Gondor in Middle-earth. Well-known for their horses and cavalry, they're Gondor's most important ally.

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In the 1200s of the Third Age, the Kings of Gondor made close alliances with the Northmen of Rhovanion[?], a people akin to the Three Houses of Men (later the Dúnedain) from the First Age.

In the 2000s TA, a remnant tribe of such Norsemen calling itself the Éothéod moved from the valleys of Anduin to the north west of Mirkwood, clearing out what remained of the recently defeated witch kingdom of Angmar, east of the Misty Mountains.

Later, in 2509 TA, Cirion[?] the Steward of Gondor[?] sent summons to the Éothéod for aid in throwing off a combined invasion of Men from the north east of Middle-earth, and Orcs from Mordor.

Eorl the Young, king of the Éothéod, answered the summons, and arrived unexpected at a decisive battle at the Field of Celebrant.

As a reward, Eorl was given the plains of Calenardhon[?], and he moved his kingdom there. This land had earlier been part of Gondor proper, but had been devastated by the plague of 1636 TA, and the survivors to a large extent slain by the invasion mentioned above.

The first line of kings lasted for 249 years, until the ninth king Helm Hammerhand died after his sons. His nephew Fréaláf Hildeson began a new line which lasted until the end of end of the Third Age, when king Théoden was slain after his son Théodred. Éomer, sisters-son (nephew) of the king then took up the reign.

In 2758 TA, Rohan was invaded by Dunlendings under Wulf, son of Freca, of mixed Dunland and Rohan blood. The King, Helm Hammerhand, took refuge in the Hornburg[?] until aid from Gondor and Dunharrow[?] (a Rohirrim refuge) arrived a year later and defeated the invaders.

It was soon after this that Saruman arrived and took over Isengard, and was welcomed as a strong ally, since it would take Rohan close to 200 years to recover its strength after the invasion.

In 3014 TA, Saruman began using his influence to weaken the King, Théoden, as part of a campaign to invade or take over the kingdom. In 3019 TA Saruman launched a full-scale invasion on Rohan, with victory in the two first battles (at the Fords of Isen[?]) and defeat at the Battle of Hornburg[?], where the Ents came to the aid of the Rohirrim.

On the heels of this victory, Théoden rode with an army to Minas Tirith and helped break its siege in the Battle of the Pelennor[?], where he was slain. Éomer, the new king, then rode with the armies of Gondor to the gates of Mordor and took part in the final battle with the forces of Sauron, who was defeated when the Ruling Ring was destroyed.

The rule of the stewards of Gondor was now over. King Éomer and the new king of Gondor Elessar renewed their oath of alliance, and reaffirmed Cirion's grant of Calenardhon to the Rohirrim.


Work on:

  • Location of area, location of cities, borders, strongholds, etc.
  • Description of countryside, climate, etc.
  • Description of the people (norsemen) and the horses.
  • Language


Work on:

  • Alliance with Gondor.
  • War with Dunlendings.
  • Alliance with Saruman (eventually war, Wormtongue etc.).
  • Rumors of tributes paid to Sauron.

Important Rohirrim

Rohan, Brittany[?] was also a viscounty, later a duchy in Brittany, currently in France.

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