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Brittany (French Bretagne, Breton Breizh) is a peninsula in north-west France, bordering the English Channel on the north and the Bay of Biscay on the south. It is an administrative region of France, comprising four départements: Ille-et-Vilaine, Côtes-d'Armor, Finistère and Morbihan.

The capital city of Brittany is Rennes.

The region was a part of Armorica, and conquered by the Romans. Around 500 AD, the area was settled by Britons, driven from the British Isles by the Anglo-Saxons. These Britons gave the name to the region. (The name Brittany means "Lesser Britain," by contrast with Great Britain). In the early Middle Ages, Brittany was divided into three kingdoms -- Domnonia[?], Cornouaille[?], and Bro Waroch[?] -- which eventually were incorporated into the Duchy of Brittany[?]. A Celtic language, Breton, is still spoken in some parts of Brittany.

Brittany is famous for its megalithic monuments, which are scattered over the penninsula[?], notably near Carnac[?]. The purpose of these monuments is still unknown, and the local people refuse to entertain speculation on the subject.

A large part of the département Loire-Atlantique (including the city of Nantes) was historically part of Brittany, but is now part of the Pays de la Loire region.

A number of small separatist groups exist, fighting for the independence of Brittany.

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