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1 - A Japanese brewing company. ( http://www.kirin.com/home )

2 - An older spelling variant for the Chinese province of Jilin (吉林 pinyin ji2 lin2). NE China in E Manchuria, capital Changchun, area 72,201 square miles (187,723 square kilometers), population 24,658,721.

3 - A mythical Japanese monster, somewhat like a unicorn crossed with a griffin.

4 - Also spelled kylin and qilin (麒麟 pinyin: qi2 lin2; Cantonese: kay-lun), it is a mythical Chinese deer-like creature. It is a good omen that brings Rui4 (瑞 roughly translated to serenity and prosperity). It is believed to have fire all over its body. In most drawings, its head looks like that of a Chinese dragon.

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