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The unicorn is a mythical beast shaped like a horse but with a single, spiral horn growing out of its forehead.

The unicorn was a common symbol during the Indus Valley Civilisation, appearing on many seals. It may have been a symbol of a powerful group.

In medieval times, a unicorn was occasionally manufactured by surgery on a goat kid, by removing one horn bud and relocating the other to the centre of the forehead. (This technique was used as late as the 20th century, for circus displays.) The main source of "unicorn" horns, however, was narwhal tusks.

Unicorn horns were commonly believed to be able to neutralize poisons. Therefore, people who feared poisoning sometimes drank from goblets made of "unicorn horn".

The unicorn was also a common symbol of purity and of Jesus Christ. The unicorn is also a national symbol of Scotland and appears on many British symbols.

In fantasy fiction, a unicorn often has magical qualities or powers.

The constellation Monoceros represents a unicorn.

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