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  • Pluto is the Roman god of the Underworld, whom the Greeks called Hades. He abducted Proserpine (Gr. Persephone), and her mother Ceres (Gr. Demeter) caused winter in her grief.
  • Plouto, a nymph in Greek mythology, was sometimes spelled "Pluto". She was not the same thing as the Roman god mentioned above.
  • Pluto is a planet, named in honor of the Roman god.
  • Pluto is Mickey Mouse's pet dog. Unlike most of Walt Disney's animated animal characters, Pluto does not talk, being "really" a dog. His face, however, is extraordinarily expressive.
  • Project Pluto, an American nuclear powered cruise missile.
  • PLUTO (Pipe-Lines Under The Oceans) was a major project undertaken during WW2 by the British scientists and armed forces to carry and deliver gasoline. After testing between Wales and Cornwall, it is operationnaly laid and used through the English Channel in July 1944 and in Pas-de-Calais later. It was the forefather of all flexible pipes used in the developmet of offshore oil-fields.

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