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Trees of the genus platanus are known as sycamores in North America and the Far East. They are members of the Platanaceae family.

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Genus: Platanus

Platanus X acerifolia -- London planetree
Platanus occidentalis - American sycamore
Platanus orientalis - Oriental planetree
Platanus racemosa - western sycamore
    (California sycamore)
Platanus wrightii - Arizona sycamore

These sycamores are wetland and riparian trees. Several species can grow to great size. The London plane tree, a sycamore hybrid, is commonly planted in parks and along streets in the eastern United States.

The seeds of the sycamore are borne in balls. The core of the ball is 1 cm in diameter and is covered with a net of mesh 1 mm, which can be peeled off. The ball is 3 cm in diameter and contains several hundred seeds, each of which is conical, with the point attached to the net, and has many thin stiff yellow-green fibers attached to the point.

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