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In Greek mythology, the Argonauts were a band of heroes who accompanied Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece. They sailed the ship the Argo, hence their name, which literally means "Sailors of the Argo". They were sometimes called Minyans because Jason came from Minya[?].

Lists of the Argonauts vary but usually number 40-55 people total. The Argonauts were: (Jason and Medea do not count)

  1. Acastus
  2. Aethalides
  3. Ascalaphus
  4. Atalanta (others claim Jason forbid her because she was a woman)
  5. Autolycus
  6. Calais
  7. Castor
  8. Echion[?]
  9. Euphemus
  10. Euryalus
  11. Heracles
  12. Hylas
  13. Idas
  14. Idmon
  15. Laertes
  16. Lynceus
  17. Meleager
  18. Polydeuces
  19. Poriclymenus
  20. Oileus
  21. Orpheus
  22. Peleus
  23. Poeas
  24. Polyphemus
  25. Telamon
  26. Theseus
  27. Tiphys
  28. Zetes

See Jason for more details on the quest for the Golden Fleece.

See also Argo Navis.

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