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Local government

local governments are administrative offices of an area smaller than a state. National governments[?] or federal governments[?] are used for office in state level.

In modern nations, usually a local government have less powers than national governments do.

England England has a complex system of local government, the result of numerous attempts at reform and reorganisation over the centuries.

Above the level considered here is the European Union, the United Kingdom and whatever government offices may exist for England as a whole. England currently has no elected officials responsible solely for the entire country.

The top level of local government within England is now the region. There are nine regions including Greater London, which in some ways is a unique case. Each region has a government office and assorted other institutions. Regions appear to have been introduced in their present form arount 1994 and the policy of the current administration is to increase their power, including the introduction of elected assemblies where desired.

The layer of government below the regions is a mixture. Tradional counties still exist, although in the 1990s some of the districts within the counties became separate unitary authorities and a few counties have been disbanded completely. There are also metropolitan districts[?] in some areas which are similar to unitary authorities. In Greater London there are London boroughs which are a similar concept.

Counties are further divided into districts[?] (also known as boroughs in some areas).

Districts are divided into wards[?] for electoral purposes.

Districts may also contain parishes and town council areas with a small administration of their own.

Other area classifications are also in use, such as health service and Lord-Lieutenant areas.

Japan Since the Meiji restoration, Japan has had a simple and clear local government system.

First, Japan is divided into about 50 prefectures. Each prefecture comprises cities, villages and towns. In Hokkaido, Nagasaki and Okinawa, there are branches of prefectural government[?].

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