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This list of ethics articles attempts to put all articles on concepts central to ethical (right and wrong, good and bad) decisions in one place - this necessarily includes more practical problems of philosophy, and more abstract subjects in law, politics, and some aspects of the professions and of the practice of science - not what they think but how they do it, and most importantly what they refuse to do, e.g. experiment on.

It must also necessarily list core concepts essential to understanding ethics as applied in various religions, without which we unethically undervalue these.

This list will necessarily overlap with lists in any of the above. Political and diplomatic concepts should not be included unless they constitute a profound ethical problem, e.g. choices like the prevention of genocide by violating national sovereignty.

Please add concepts specific to economics or Islam to the list of economics articles and list of Islamic terms in Arabic instead. We recognize that economics and Islam have specific ethical assumptions, only imperfectly characterized by inclusion in a list such as this. Accordingly those concepts are removed to other articles to be more fully explained and fairly presented. Please follow this practice in new articles.

Please add any article that you think clearly matches these criteria here. Do not capitalize the first character unless the term is a proper name and describes a single well-documented text or principle:

There is also a simple view of ethics and morals in Meta-Wikipedia which is used as a basis for arbitration there.

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