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Flag of the Soviet Union

Flag Ratio: 1:2
The obverse of the flag of the Soviet Union consists of a plain red flag, with a hammer crossed with a sickle and a red star in the upper hoist. The hammer symbolizes the nation's industrial workers, while the sickle symbolizes the nation's agricultural workers. The red star represents the rule of the communist party.

The reverse of the flag consists of a plain red field. No hammer, sickle, or other decoration is featured.

Flags of the Soviet Republics:

Armenian SSR[?] - Azerbaijan SSR[?] - Byerlorussian SSR[?] - Estonian SSR - Georgian SSR[?] - Kazakh SSR[?] - Kirghiz SSR[?] - Latvian SSR[?] - Lithuanian[?] - Moldavian SSR[?] - Russian SFSR - Tadzhik SSR[?] - Turkmen SSR[?] - Turkmen SSR[?] - Ukrainian SSR[?] - Uzbek SSR[?]

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