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Daurian Jackdaw

Scientific classification
Binomial name
Corvus daurica
The Daurian Jackdaw (Corvus dauricus) is the only other species of Jackdaw other than the Eurasian or western species to carry the name of Jackdaw.

It is the same size as the latter species too, with the same proportions and identical habits. The principle difference is its plumage; this species have large areas of creamy white on the lower parts extending up around the neck as a thick collar. The head, throat, wings and tail are glossy black and the ear coverts are grizzled grey. The iris is dark in this species, unlike the distinctive grey-white iris of the other bird.

This species occours from the more southerly part of eastern Siberia, south to Mongolia and down into all of China. In the north of its range it migrates further south during the winter.

It inhabits open woodland, river valley and open hills and mountains. The only other pied species around is the Chinese Collared Crow (C. torquatus) but as this is a much larger bird (about the same size or slightly larger than the Carrion Crow (C. corone) confusion is unlikely to occour.

The food is identical to the other species of Jackdaw and includes cultivated grains, insects and berries, and feeding on insects from animal dung.

This species will nest in trees where suitable holes cannot be found though tree cavities or rock openings and ruined buildings are still favoured. The eggs are the same as for the Eurasian Jackdaw.

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  • Daurian Jackdaw (http://knusun.kangnung.ac.kr/~subbio/report/03-02/page13.htm)

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