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A colloid, or colloidal dispersion, is a form of matter intermediate between a true solution and a mixture or suspension. Microscopic particles of one substance, said to be in the dispersed or solute phase, are distributed throughout another, said to be in the dispersing, continuous, or solvent phase.

Colloids can be classified as follows:

  Dispersed Phase
Dispersing Phase Gas - Liquid aerosol[?],
e.g.: fog, mist
Solid aerosol[?],
e.g.: smoke, dust
Liquid Foam[?],
e.g.: whipped cream
e.g.: milk, mayonnaise, hand cream
e.g.: paint, ink
Solid Solid foam[?],
e.g.: styrofoam
e.g.: gelatin, jelly, cheese
Solid sol[?],
e.g.: ruby glass

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