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Christian theosophy

Christian Theosophy is a term used to designate the knowledge of God and of the Christ obtained by the direct intuition of the Divine essence, but with a Christian distinctive. It is often confused with mysticism, since the source of the Christan Theosophist's power over the "hidden forces" of the universe are similar, if not identical to those of Mysticism. By intuition, initiation, or revelation Theosophists are considered to be in harmony with the central principle of the universe. This knowledge of the "secret forces" of nature frees them from the ordinary limitations of human life, and gives them power over these "hidden forces."

Modern theosophy claims to be a science, and as such to be based on investigation of, and experimentation with the occult laws in nature and in human life. Only those qualified for the inquiry can grasp these laws, and from this knowledge they gain certain powers over matter. Adherents refer to it as "the great synthesis of life;" a synthesis of religion, science, and philosophy.

One of the basic teachings of theosophy is the brotherhood of humanity. It considers the different religions as methods adopted by man in his continuing search for God; thus all religions are branches of a single tree. Comparative mythology alleges that religion was originally the result of man's ignorance and that it will disappear with the gradual increase of knowledge, whereas Theosophy teaches that religion comes from Divine knowledge, and that Divine knowledge comes from Theosophy.

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