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The Zhaojun Tomb (昭君墓), located beside a river in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the People's Republic of China, is the resting place of Wang Zhaojun, a commoner woman from the Chinese Han Empire who married a Xiongnu chief. The cemetery is 1.3-hectare, with a 33-metre mound containing Zhaojun's coffin, making it a landmark of the region.

The first Chinese mention of the cemetery in written record is in the Tang Dynasty, by Du You (杜佑) in A Comprehensive Guide (通典 Tong Dian).

It is called by the local Mongols as Tewurwurhu (特木爾烏爾虎), meaning "Iron Wall". The nickname "Green Mound" (青塚 qin1 zhong3) is a legend that in autumn, when all grass and tree wither, those plants on the cemetery mound continue to prosper.

Chief's consort

Wang Zhaojun, or Madame Wang Zhao, was born Wang Qiang (王嬙) in Zigui (秭歸), Nan Prefecture (南郡) (today Xingshan County (興山縣), Hubei) in the Western Han Dynasty. She became a maid (宮女) in the royal palace around 48 BC, and in 33 BC, Hun chief Huhanxie Dangan (呼韓邪單于) asked to marry a Han woman from the Empire. Wang Zhaojun volunteered. Wang was honoured as Hu-Pacifying Chief-consort (寧胡閼氏 Huning E-shi). Her life became the story of "Zhaojun Departs the Frontier" (昭君出塞). Peace was maintained for over 60 years between the Empire and the Xiongnu. However, the Empire eventually lost touch with her and her descendants.

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