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Biberach (district)

Adm. Region:Tübingen
Area:1410 km²
Inhabitants:183,000 (2001)
pop. density:130 inh./km²
Car identification:BC
Website:biberach.de (http://www.biberach.de)

Biberach is a district in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is bounded by (from the south and clockwise) the districts of Ravensburg, Sigmaringen, Reutlingen and Alb-Donau, and the bavarian districts Neu-Ulm[?], Unterallgäu[?] and the district-free city Memmingen[?].

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The district consists of hilly countryside between the rivers of the Danube and the Iller. The Danube crosses the district in its westernmost part from south to north. The Iller forms the eastern border of the district. Another river is the Riß[?], an affluent of the Danube crossing the district from south to north.

The Federsee is a small lake in the southwest of the district. Its area is only 1.4 km², but it is famous for Neolithic findings and rare birds.

Coat of arms

The imperial eagle is the heraldic animal of the city of Biberach. The crosier symbolises the monasteries of the region.

Towns and municipalities

  • Bad Buchau[?]
  • Bad Schussenried[?]
  • Biberach[?]
  • Laupheim[?]
  • Ochsenhausen[?]
  • Riedlingen[?]
    1. Municipalities
    2. Achstetten[?]
    3. Alleshausen[?]
    4. Allmannsweiler[?]
    5. Altheim[?]
    6. Attenweiler[?]
    7. Berkheim[?]
    8. Betzenweiler[?]
    9. Burgrieden[?]
    10. Dettingen[?]
    11. Dürmentingen[?]
    12. Dürnau[?]
    13. Eberhardzell[?]
    14. Erlenmoos[?]
    15. Erolzheim[?]
    16. Ertingen[?]
    17. Gutenzell-Hürbel[?]
    18. Hochdorf[?]
    19. Ingoldingen[?]
    20. Kanzach[?]
    1. Kirchberg[?]
    2. Kirchdorf[?]
    3. Langenenslingen[?]
    4. Maselheim[?]
    5. Mietingen[?]
    6. Mittelbiberach[?]
    7. Moosburg[?]
    8. Oggelshausen[?]
    9. Rot[?]
    10. Schemmerhofen[?]
    11. Schwendi[?]
    12. Seekirch[?]
    13. Steinhausen[?]
    14. Tannheim[?]
    15. Tiefenbach[?]
    16. Ummendorf[?]
    17. Unlingen[?]
    18. Uttenweiler[?]
    19. Wain[?]
    20. Warthausen[?]

    External links

    Official website (http://www.biberach.de) (German)
    Federsee Neolithic Museum (http://www.federseemuseum.de) (German, English)
    Federsee Nature Reserve (http://www.naturschutz-am-federsee.de/) (German)

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