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Ravensburg (district)

Adm. Region:Tübingen
Area:1,631.72 km²
Inhabitants:271,450 (2002)
pop. density:166 inh./km²
Car identification:RV

Ravensburg is a district (Kreis) in the south-east of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from south-west clockwise) Bodenseekreis, Sigmaringen and Biberach, the bavarian district-free city Memmingen[?] and the districts Unterallgäu[?], Oberallgäu[?] and Lindau[?].

Table of contents

History The district dates back to the Oberamt Ravensburg, which was created in 1810 when the previously free imperial city Ravensburg[?] and the sorrounding area became part of Württemberg. In 1938 the Oberamt was converted into a district, most of the Oberamt Waldsee was merged into the new district. In 1973 the district Wangen was merged into the district, together with a few municipalities from the district Saulgau, Überlingen and Biberach.

Geography The landscape in the district are the hills of the Oberschwäbischen Hügelland and the Westallgäuer Hügelland.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms show a lion, the symbol of the Welfen[?] family. This family had their center in Ravensburg, before the area went to the Hohenstaufen family.

Towns and municipalities

  1. Aulendorf[?]
  2. Bad Waldsee[?]
  3. Bad Wurzach[?]
  4. Isny[?] (Allgäu)
  5. Leutkirch[?] (Allgäu)
  6. Ravensburg[?]
  7. Wangen[?] (Allgäu)
  8. Weingarten[?]
  1. Altshausen
  2. Bad Waldsee
  3. Gullen
  4. Leutkirch
  5. Mittleres Schussental
  6. Vogt
  7. Wangen
  8. Wilhelmsdorf
  9. Fronreute-Wolpertswende
  1. Achberg[?]
  2. Aichstetten[?]
  3. Aitrach[?]
  4. Altshausen[?]
  5. Amtzell[?]
  6. Argenbühl[?]
  7. Baienfurt[?]
  8. Baindt[?]
  9. Berg (Ravensburg)[?]
  10. Bergatreute[?]
  11. Bodnegg[?]
  12. Boms[?]
  13. Ebenweiler[?]
  14. Ebersbach-Musbach[?]
  15. Eichstegen[?]
  16. Fleischwangen[?]

  1. Fronreute[?]
  2. Grünkraut[?]
  3. Guggenhausen[?]
  4. Horgenzell[?]
  5. Hoßkirch[?]
  6. Kißlegg[?]
  7. Königseggwald[?]
  8. Riedhausen[?]
  9. Schlier[?]
  10. Unterwaldhausen[?]
  11. Vogt[?]
  12. Waldburg[?]
  13. Wilhelmsdorf[?]
  14. Wolfegg[?]
  15. Wolpertswende[?]

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