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Zhou Dynasty (690 AD - 705 AD)

Zhou Dynasty (周 690-705) was the only Chinese dynasty founded by a woman, Empress Wu Zetian (who was also the only empress throughout the history of China). She seized the throne from her puppet emperors of Tang Dynasty, took the name "Zhou" just because Tang's tradition did not allow female ruler, and was forced to return the throne to a Tang royalty while she became very old.

Although it was short-lived, some historians consider the establishment of the dynasty was the result of better equality between the sexes during Tang Dynasty.

Zhou Dynasty (690 CE - 705 CE)
Convention: use personal name
Temple Names (Miao Hao 廟號) Personal Names Period of Reigns Era Names (Nian Hao 年號) and their according range of years
Wu Hou (武后 wu3 hou4) Wu Zetian | 武則天 wu3 ze2 tian1 684-705 Guangzhai (光宅 guang1 zhai2) 684
Chuigong (垂拱 chui2 gong3) 685-688
Yongchang (永昌 yong3 chang1) 689
Zaichu (載初 zai4 chu1) 690
Tianshou (天授 tian1 shou4) 690-692
Ruyi (如意 ru2 yi4) 692
Changshou (長壽 chang2 shou4) 692-694
Yanzai (延載 yan2 zai4) 694
Zhengsheng (證聖 zheng4 sheng4) 695
Tiancewansui (天冊萬歲 tian1 ce4 wan4 sui4) 695-696
Wansuidengfeng (萬歲登封 wan4 sui4 deng1 feng1) 696
Wansuitongtian (萬歲通天 wan4 sui4 tong1 tian1) 696-697
Shengong (神功 shen2 gong1) 697
Shengli (聖曆 sheng4 li4) 698-700
Jiushi (久視 jiu3 shi4) [[700}
Dazu (大足 da4 zu2) 701
Chang'an (長安 chang2 an1) 701-705

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