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Yantai (Simplified: 烟台市 ; Traditional[?]: 煙台 Pinyin: Yāntßi), a province-controlled city[?] in the People's Republic of China, is the largest fishing seaport of Shandong Province and a centre of economy. It is one of the earliest official seaports opened internationally. Yantai's old Western name, Chefoo (芝罘), is actually a just that of an islet governed by Yantai historically.

  • Area: 13739.9 km▓
  • Population: 6.43 million

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Since 1998, Yantai City directly administers 4 districts and 1 county:

  • Zhifu District (芝罘区): contain the namesake islet
  • Fushan District (福山区)
  • Mouping District (牟平区)
  • Laishan District (莱山区)
  • Changdao County (长岛县): 4 islands and 28 islets

Yantai City also administers on behalf (代管) of 7 county-level cities:

  • Longkou City (龙口市)
  • Laiyang City (莱阳市)
  • Laizhou City (莱州市)
  • Penglai City (蓬莱市)
  • Zhaoyuan City (招远市)
  • Qixia City (栖霞市)
  • Haiyang City (海阳市)

Altogether, there are 146 equal status sub-county divisions: 96 townships (镇), 42 street offices (街道办事处), and 8 district bureau (区公所). The street offices have similar populations as the townships (50,000 average), at a much higher density due to the smaller area (38.9 km▓ average).

There is also, since 1984, Yantai Economy & Technology Development Area (YEDA) north of Fushan District and Yantai Export Processing Area in the northern Zhifu District (since 2000).

History Reflecting on a Ming beacon constructed on Zhifu Island, "Yantai" means "Smoke Tower".

The region was inhibited by the non-Han people of the Eastern Yi (東夷), who were believed to have established a small state during the Xia Dynasty in present-day Laizhou City in Yantai. It became a feudal state call Lai (萊國) until the Warring States Period, when it was annexed by the State of Qi (齊). In the Qin Empire, it belonged to the Qi Prefecture, later renamed Donglai Prefecture (東萊郡) in the Han Empire. Donglai Kingdom was a part of the Jin Empire. It later was a prefecture again (first j¨n, then zhōu). Eventually became the Laizhou Subprefecture (萊州府) and Dengzhou Subprefecture (登州府) in the Qing Empire. In July 1858, the empire made Treaty of Tianjin[?] and Dengzhou was renamed to Yantai as today and opened in May 1861, and officially became an open port later that year on August 22, accompanied by the construction of Donghai Pass (東海關). 17 nations established embassies in Yantai.

On November 12, 1911, the eastern division of Tongmeng Hui[?] was a part of the revolutionary, and established the Shandong Military Government (山東軍政府) the next day, and renamed it Yantai Division of the Shandong Military Government (山東煙台軍政分府) the day after that. In 1914, Jiaodong Circuit (膠東道) was established with Yantai as the capital. Jiaodong Circuit was renamed as Donghai Circuit (東海道) in 1925. On January 19, 1938, Yantai was a part of an anti-Japanese revolutionary committee. After the People's Republic of China, in 1950, Yantai became a city with Laiyang and Wendeng (文登) being special regions (专区). Wendeng was merged into Laiyang six years later, and the larger Laiyang Special Region was combined with Yantai City to be Yantai Region (烟台地区). In November 1983, the Region became a Region-level City (地级市).

Geography Yantai is in the centre of the Shandong Peninsula and east Shandong Province, with a coast line of 909 km. Mostly consisted of 36.62% mountain, 39.7% hill, 20.78% plains, and 2.90% basins. Average height of the mountains are 500 metres, with the highest point of 922.8-metre at Kunyu Mountain (昆崳山 Kūny˙). Hill are 100- to 300-metre.

There are 121 rivers over 5 kilometre, the largest being:

  • Wulong River (五龍河)
  • Dagu River (大沽河)
  • Dagujia River (大沽夾河)
  • Wang River (王河)
  • Jie River (界河)
  • Huangshui River (黃水河)
  • Xin'an River (辛安河)

South of Bohai Sea.

2643.60 km▓ is urbanized.

Only Qixia County is inland, all other county-level entities are by the sea, with Changdao being entirely insular.

Tourism Yantai is a popular summer retreat.

Miscellanea Yantai is the sister city of San Diego (USA), Phuket (Thailand), Vladivostok (Russia), Írebro (Swedon), Angus (Scotland), Ulsan[?] (South Korea), and several more.

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  • Official website (http://www.yantai.gov.cn) (in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese)
    • English map (http://big5.yantai.gov.cn/b5/www.yantai.gov.cn/en/html/xian)

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