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The Wolverine (Gulo gulo, Gulo luscus in North America) is the largest species of the Mustelidae family, it is also called the Glutton or Carcajou. It is a stocky and muscular omnivorous (but largely carnivorous) animal with brownish-black hair that can weigh up to 15kg (male), and is 70-90cm long with a 20cm tail. It is found in arctic regions such as northern Canada or Siberia. It is considered to be very strong and ferocious and has been known to kill animals as large as caribou.

Wolverine (real name James Logan Howlett) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics comic book universe. He made his first appearance as a villain fighting The Incredible Hulk. He was known as "Weapon X" back then. Since then, he has had a long and varied career, most notably working with The X-Men.

Wolverine has both natural and man-made abilities. His natural abilities include his heightened senses and his rapid healing ability which makes him very difficult to kill. His man-made ability is the Adamantium in his body, which makes up his claws and laces his skeleton. As a result, his retractable claws can slice through almost anything, and his bones are almost unbreakable.

Wolverine is renowned for his gruffness and sheer savagery. He's one of the few X-Men who has no compunctions about killing and has been frequently at odds with his fellow teammates. He also has a dark past that involves the Canadian government and some of the X-Men's biggest foes.

He was also (at one point in time) in love with Jean Gray.

His voice was provided by Cathal J. Dodd[?] in the X-Men animated television series, and in a series of video games through the 1990s. In the animated television series X-Men: Evolution[?], his voice was provided by Scott McNeil[?]. In the movies, he was played by Hugh Jackman[?]. In the movie tie-in computer game X2: Wolverine's Revenge, his voice was provided by Mark Hamill.


The University of Michigan's sports teams are called the Wolverines.

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