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Supporters of this rule include:
  • MichaelTinkler,
  • JHK (Ok non-English titles I can think of are pietas, hubris, and possibly basileus and strategos),
  • 24 (those are now considered English)

Opponents include:

  • Anders Torlind (nota bene only in cases where not supplying foreign article names violates the "Useful for readers" rule. Example: People searching for the Swedish kings are very likely to be Swedes, and so a redirect from the swedish name--or to it, doesn't matter--would be appropriate)
  • Eclecticology (By making the original title the principal entry, with appropriate redirects, you can avoid ambiguities. e.g. Camus' novel "L'Étranger" has two common translations of the title.

In addition, you might want to use HTML to mark other languages as being other languages. For example, in Mozilla, if you right-click nota bene and choose Properties, you can see that it's in Latin because I have marked it up as <i lang="la">nota bene</i>. (Or would that be a bad thing on Wikipedia?) --Damian Yerrick

Not entirely unreasonable. The lang attribute is probably most useful for two things: speech interfaces for blind users which could (in theory, at least) make an attempt at switching to appropriate pronunciation; and selecting the correct glyphs for characters that can differ between languages (for instance, selecting the Japanese or Chinese form of a kanji/hanzi character, which sometimes share the same Unicode code point despite differing somewhat in form). Brion VIBBER

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