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First, an important note for everyone to remember:

A few Wikipedians have gotten together to make some suggestions about how we might organize data in articles about states, counties, cities and towns. These are only suggestions, things to give you focus and to get you going, and you shouldn't feel obligated in the least to follow them. But if you don't know what to write or where to begin, following the below guidelines may be helpful. Mainly, we just want you to write articles!

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WikiProject U.S. Counties


This WikiProject aims primarily to provide information on all of the U.S. States' counties, boroughs (Alaska), and parishes (Louisiana). This WikiProject shall also provide information on the analogous administration districts (if any) in the current U.S. Federal Territories (District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, etc.) as well.


The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject U.S. States.

Descendant Wikiprojects

The descendant WikiProject is the WikiProject Cities.



There shall be an article called U.S. Counties, which shall discuss U.S. Counties in general, as opposed to any particular county, and provide a list of U.S. counties. It shall also list the analagous administration districts of the current U.S. Federal Territories, and explain the differences between the various types of "counties". Pages on the administrative districts of U.S. Federal Territories are to have the same format as U.S. counties, changed as needed. Please try to avoid including trivia in the articles for U.S. counties, unless you consider the trivia especially interesting.

Each U.S. county shall be called by the common name of the state, e.g. Jackson County, Michigan. Where needed, a link to the county will be placed on a more general entry page, e.g. Jackson should contain a link to Jackson County, Michigan, Jackson, Mississippi and Jackson, Michigan. A template article can be found at the bottom of this page. The article on each U.S. County shall include the following information:
NOTE: Please only create these headings when there is more than a couple of sentences worth of informaiton for an area. There is no need at all for an "introduction" heading.
NOTE: Where possible use both metric and English measurements, except in the tables where being simplified is important. Metric measurements should be used if only one is available because of its global use.

The rest of the article should consist of a few short paragraphs. These paragraphs should give an outline of the history/politics/etc. of the county and link to a full article on them. If any section becomes too detailed, it should be split off into a separate article with more detail as follows:

The heading should look like:

== Geography ==
''Main article: [[Geography of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania]]''

A notice should be placed on each temp page that should read:

''This temporary page is being used to expand and convert the article [[_]] over to the new format agreed to at [[WikiProject U.S. Counties]]. Please feel free to add or edit anything on this page to help in the conversion process.''

Don't forget to replace the "_" with the name of the article being converted.

  • introduction:
  • History
    • origin of the county's name
    • circumstances of the county's establishment
    • major historical events that occurred in county
  • Law/Government
    • County Executive-- current, previous executives
    • representative body?
  • Geography
    • County seat -- see complete list of county seats at http://www.campbellslist.com/county_seats/select_county_seat
    • Physical geography (area, unique features)
    • List of Townships or other subdivisions
    • List of Municipalities
    • List of contiguous counties
    • Major Parks and Cultural Institutions
    • Notable Festivals and Parades, with dates
  • Economy
    • Major industries/products
    • taxes
  • Demographics
    • county population
    • racial/ethnic makeup
    • religious makeup
  • List of cities and towns in the county.
  • List of adjacent counties
    • County Name - direction to border/optional direction to county
    • Note border shared with other country, if exists
    • Link back to full list of counties for state
    • Start at northernmost point, and move clockwise
    • See Jefferson County, Washington for example
  • Colleges/Universities in county, Sporting teams in county, similar lists.
  • A link to a list of counties in that county's state.

Hierarchy Definition

Counties can be grouped by these categories: county, borough, parish, and any other administrative districts as they apply to U.S. territories.

General Strategy and Discussion forum /General[?]

References Geographic references

Template for a U.S. County Don't forget to replace the "_" with the name of the article being converted. For the table, replace the X's with the proper information.
This temporary page is being used to expand and convert the article _ over to the new format agreed to at WikiProject U.S. Counties. Please feel free to add or edit anything on this page to help in the conversion process.
Definition paragraph.

History Main article: History of _[?]

Law and Government Main article: Law and Government of _[?]

Geography Main article: Geography of _[?]

Geographic Features

Major Highways

Adjacent Counties

Economy Main article: Economy of _[?]

Demographics Main article: Demographics of _[?]

Towns and Cities

Colleges and Universities

Miscellaneous topics (Sports teams and similar lists)

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