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The Vanir are one of the two pantheons of gods in Norse mythology and together with Aesir they are collectively known as the Asa. They include Niord, Freyr and Freya, who live among the Aesir since the end of the conflict between the two clans of gods (traded for Mímir and Honir), as well as Skadi, Lýtir[?], Gerdr[?] and Odr[?].

They live in Vanaheimr[?], also called Vanaland[?]; Snorri Sturluson calls their land Tanakvísl[?] or Vanakvísl[?]. They are gods of fertility and prosperity, and they are seen as belonging to the earth, while the Aesir ruled the sky. The Vanir have a deep knowledge of magical arts, so that they also know the future. It is said that it was Freya who taught magic to the Aesir. They also practiced endogamy[?] and even incest, both forbidden among the Aesir; as an example Freyr and Freya were children of Niordr and his sister.


  1. Freya
  2. Freyr
  3. Gerdr[?]
  4. Honir
  5. Kvasir
  6. Lýtir[?]
  7. Mímir
  8. Niord
  9. Odr[?]
  10. Skadi

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