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Niord is the god of seamanship and sailing in Norse Mythology. He is the husband of Skadi and the father of Freyr and Freya and one of the Vanir. His dwelling is said to be Noatun. Niord is also a god closely associated with fertility. He was married to Skadi for a time.

His name is the Old Norse equivalent of the goddess Nerthus[?] described by Tacitus. It has been suggested by Hilda R. Ellis Davidson[?] in Gods and Myths of Northern Europe[?] (1964) that there was possibly originally a male and female pair of deities, Niord and Nerthus, with Freyr later replacing Nerthus. She also makes the point that there were other male/female pairings of Norse gods of whom little is known but their names, e.g. Ullr[?] and Ullin[?].

Alternative: Njord, Njöror, Njörd

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