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I have to study for my examinations, so I won't be there (much) until february.

Youssefsan 18:35 Dec 29, 2002 (UTC)

I study translation in Belgium, but really have to improve my English.

I will try to bring es.wikipedia(Wiki) and Enciclopedia Libre (EL) closer. People on EL seems to be more prone to colaborate and eventually perhaps come together with us.

Is there a page on Wikipedia where I can put information about the negociation.

Here is a short summary.

I have send a mesage on http://enciclopedia.us.es/wiki.phtml?title=Enciclopedia_discusi%F3n:Retorno_a_Wikipedia

A colaborator wants that Wikipedians respect three conditions

  • Wikipedia home page should be an international home page (not urgent)
  • When we put together information of the 2 enciclopedias : the information of EL should be more important.
  • sysops powers to EL and people who speeks Spanish on es.

To be continued ... but as I have a lot of work I may not reply quicqly.

Any comments and critics welcome


Hm. Interesting. I've already tried and failed to do the same thing but was pre-empted by EL's vote on the issue. I've already presented some thoughts on this issue at m:User:Maveric49/The Wikipedia Family (written before the vote). There are also a bunch of posts (/pipermail/wikipedia-l/2002-October/subject) to the Wikipedia mailing list on this too (Wikipedia-L and Intlwiki-L). BTW, the whole point of my crusade was to prevent exactly what has now happened: EL has their own database and we have ours (that was their choice BTW). There already has been hundreds of hours of work done on es.wiki since the upgrade to Phase III (not to mention the improvements made after the fork but before the upgrade). This makes point two problematic -- we can't just dump es.wikis database. However, porting their articles with their histories over to es.wiki shouldn't be a problem at all for all the article titles that don't yet exist on es.wiki. Heck we could move all their articles this way and simply amend their histories to ours. So then, whichever article version that was edited last (es.wiki or EL) will be the active version. A bot could also be written to bring some intelligence to the port: the bot could do a byte count of both the es.wiki version and the EL version and whichever version is larger wins. --mav

Good luck! :-) -- Tarquin 23:57 Dec 30, 2002 (UTC)

What do you think about having the home page of EL and Wiki with the same content ? Is it better if make effort to have most of the articles with exactely the same content on EL and Wiki

PS-1: I haven't yet read all the document related to this issue PS-2 : I will perhaps start a meta page for this issue, if it doesn't exist ;-)


Same content? What do you mean? The pages that link to both homepages are almost exactly the same since I updated all those pages on es.wiki with newer EL content. See my message above about merging article histories. See also m:Open letter to the Enciclopedia Libre group. --mav
Ok I will read it carefully -- Youssefsan

Articles that I would like to see in wikipedia

I would like to improve the articles about Latin America and economics. Why are there not more people interrested in such topics ? (Yes I know even on EL, there were no article about history of Bolivia... perhaps wikipedia needs to grow more.)

Have fun. A la prochaine

Youssefsan 09:10 Feb 27, 2003 (UTC)

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