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I no longer wish to contribute to Wikipedia, and here's why:

Never have I encountered such a consistently rude, offensive collection of individuals. Not on UseNet, not on AOL, not in "real life."

Impassioned debate due to intellectual disagreement is one thing; it's the only way humans progress. Ad hominem name-calling is another. Attempts to moderate the debates only results in the name-callers shifting their attention to those attempting to moderate. Unfortunately, one of the founders of Wikipedia is the more guilty of this than most. There do exist a few individuals who have retained a level head and a civil tongue, Mr. Wales prominent among them, and I do appreciate their efforts.

This project had a wonderful potential. Now it's drowning in a sea of recriminations, ridiculous rules, and smug self-satisfaction among the self-appointed elite. I cannot accept this situation. Enjoy your toy, folks, until it crumbles under you. In the future, I suspect that hardly anyone, with the exception of those who enjoy fighting just for the hell of it, will stay long enough anymore to make more than a few contributions. Let's leave it to them. Sayonara.

I'm not currently contributing to Wikipedia.

I won't be back for a while, if ever.

I'm somewhat busy at work, and I have a number of paying writing assignments where I won't be insulted for my efforts. Therefore, I will be taking a break while I decide whether or not to continue contributing to Wikipedia at all.

On top of this, I will be traveling for work and pleasure from November 27-December 6, perhaps longer, and will not have access to my broadband connection and most of my research sources.




I'm a professional writer, archeologist, and historian, whose writing experience includes ten years of technical writing in the cultural resources management and telecommunications fields. I've written continuously for more than 20 years, and in the course of the last decade I've published numerous poems, several short stories, dozens of popular articles on a variety of subjects, seven professional papers within the field of archeology, and one e-book. Many of my popular articles have been published on the Internet as well as in print media.

For fun, I like to read, write, make beer, play Magic: the Gathering, and collect stuff. I've just started adding a few things to the Wikipedia. Mostly I just make edits when I see something that's ungrammatical or misspelled, but I originated the following pages:

And many others.

In the future, I plan to add additional pages concerning archeology and allied subjects, and I'm hoping to contribute to some stubs wherever I find them.

I have a web site where I offer my writing services. If you'd like to see it, it's here. (http://www.stormwriter.com)

FAIR WARNING: I also possess an odd, sardonic sense of humor that I may ocasionally express on talk or User pages (though never on subject pages). If this bothers you, well...tough. Stormwriter

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