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I'm a Biological Laboratory technician at National Marine Fisheries in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. I work for the Fishery Oceanography Branch.

http://www.renaissoft.com/april/cgi-bin/wiki.pl is a link to a Science Hyperlink textbook that -- April is working on. I'm advertising it because I'm a firm believer that scientists need to work harder to make their fields understandable to those who are not in science.

For those curious why I'm back, just couldn't stand by and watch the defilement of that most holy of topics... fishes.. Will be modifying the horribly outdated and mostly useless entries as time permits.

I do want to make one rant... The main reason I left besides the vandalisms I noticed, is that I have a very low tolerance for intolerance... (I hope that sentence makes sense to people other than myself). I also have a very low tolerance for people who argue against science without understanding it. And one day I found myself defending someone against religious intolerance (I was a very devout Christian once myself, so have empathy) and then finding the person I'd defended threatening to pull scientifically valid information from articles without checking for the validity.

This latter point is something that is a huge pet peeve of mine. Especially on here where the desire is to have factual articles, do _not_ edit something unless you have more information than "Well, all my friends say this..." or "Well, I don't want to believe this..." Further advice. Do not tell others to do the research for you or else you will change the article. Look it up yourself, understand the science involved, otherwise you have no business copyediting it, just as I have no business copyediting Islam beliefs or articles on architecture.

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