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"Give us justice which is not the searing spite of revenge, peace which is not the product of war nor dependent upon it"

- Penny Rimbaud, Oh America 2002


Quercus meets Gandalf!!

Graham from Essex, England here- I know a bit about stuff like organic gardening, trees, permaculture, punk rock, veganism and anarchism, plus no doubt, like most people, bucket-loads of stuff that I don't even know that I know loads about, and I'm happy to share the knowledge I have, and to learn more... I love the idea of wikipedia- I'm a self declared enemy of the concept of the 'expert' and the 'specialist'- everybody has a part of the picture, nobody can see the whole, and wiki is about being open, accountable and free... Cor, it's a bit like anarchy, innit???

All hail holism!!!

I do the websites for some local groups like South East Essex Organic Gardeners [1] (http://pages.unisonfree.net/gburnett/SEEOG/), South east essex LETS [2] (http://pages.unisonfree.net/gburnett/), as well as self publishing books about veganism, permaculture and stuff which you can find out about at my own website, http://www.landandliberty.co.uk

I've just posted up an article about making your own rustic laptop table, and I've linked it here as much so I can find it again myself (there's no way I'll remember this URL otherwise...)[3] (http://www.gb0063551.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/cherryplum/cherryplumtable.htm)

My own POV arn't 'nuetral' on many things, not sure if it's possible in fact, but I'll do me best...

I've decided that I'd like to start a wiki sub-project on Trees of Britain, maybe as a sub page of Trees of the world, I envisage this as being fairly long term, but to start with putting a frame work in place listing the names of the various tree species, with each species having sub-pages on say, uses of that tree, spiritual/traditional significance etc quercus robur 19:13 Oct 2, 2002 (UTC)

Another much needed wiki sub-project is developmet of the Organic gardening area.. watch this space....

Ongoing projects & To Do list...

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