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Hi, I'm Marek Kowalczyk, a Project Management consultant from Warsaw, Poland. http://www.adastra.pl

I am contributing mainly in the areas of project management, process management and theory of constraints.

I'm looking for volunteers to develop a GNU Free Documentation License Project Management Standard (just like the PMBOK, but possibly better).

Hmm, hoomm, this may be hasty, but, we volunteer. Do you see this as having any applications to managing a collective volunteer project like wikipedia? You know there are extensive discussions of this on meta (http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/twelve_leverage_points) with many links to different means of monitoring the wikipedia project or commenting on it in ways useful to managing it. EofT

EofT, I plan that the standard should apply to "regular" projects. Its mode of development and copyright assignment are to be open source. What you mean is a different story -- an entirely new class of "self-managed" projects. user:Nixdorf has brought to my attention the bazaar model. Maybe this is something you mean.

Everybody who is interested in this endavor should check out the newsgroups alt.projectmng OR alt.comp.project-management for discussion on "Open Project Management Standard." The project website will be http://www.openPM.net.

I want to use the Wiki software to run the project. Can anybody help me set it up? See you there!!

My book lists on Amazon.com:

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