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Some need no disambiguation, and some of the names have already been disambiguated and some of them are just plain wrong.

 Duke of Abercorn
 Duke of Albany[?]
 Duke of Argyll[?]
 Duke of Argyll[?]
 Duke of Argyll[?] 
 Duke of Atholl[?] 
 Duke of Bedford[?] 
 Duke of Buccleuch[?] 
 Duke of Buckingham and Chandos[?]
 Duke of Buckingham
 Duke of Buckinghamshire[?]
 Duke of Castelbanco[?]
 Duke of Chandos[?]
 Duke of Clarence
 Duke of Cleveland[?]
 Duke of Devonshire
 Duke of Douglas[?] 
 Duke of Dublin[?]
 Duke of Edinburgh
 Duke of Fife[?]
 Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh[?]
 Duke of Gloucester
 Duke of Gordon[?] 
 Duke of Grafton[?]
 Duke of Hamilton[?] 
 Duke of Inverness[?]
 Duke of Ireland[?]
 Duke of Kendal[?]
 Duke of Kent and Strathearn[?]
 Duke of Kent
 Duke of Kent 
 Duke of Kingston[?]
 Duke of Kintyre and Lorne[?] 
 Duke of Lauderdale[?] 
 Duke of Leinster
 Duke of Lennox[?]
 Duke of Manchester[?]
 Duke of Mar[?]
 Duke of Marlborough
 Duke of Melfort[?]
 Duke of Montagu[?]
 Duke of Montrose[?]
 Duke of Munster[?]
 Duke of Newcastle 
 Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme[?]
 Duke of Northumberland[?]
 Duke of Orkney[?] 
 Duke of Ormonde[?]
 Duke of Perth[?]
 Duke of Portland
 Duke of Portland
 Duke of Powis[?]
 Duke of Queensberry[?] 
 Duke of Rannoch[?]
 Duke of Ross[?]
 Duke of Rothes[?] 
 Duke of Rothesay 
 Duke of Roxburghe[?]
 Duke of Rutland
 Duke of Saint Andrews and Castel Blanco[?]
 Duke of Sutherland[?]
 Duke of Tyrconnell[?]
 Duke of Wellington
 Duke of Westminster
 Duke of Wharton[?]
 Duke of Windsor
 Duke of York and Albany[?]
 Duke of York
 Earl (Upper)-Ossory[?] 
 Earl Aberdeen
 Earl Abergavenny[?]
 Earl Abernethy[?]
 Earl Aboyne[?] 
 Earl Ailesbury[?]
 Earl Airlie[?] 
 Earl Airth[?] 
 Earl Alexander of Tunis 
 Earl Amherst[?] 
 Earl Ancaster[?] 
 Earl Ancram[?] 
 Earl Angus[?]
 Earl Annandale and Hartfell[?] 
 Earl Annandale[?] 
 Earl Argyll[?] 
 Earl Arran[?]
 Earl Ashburnham[?] 
 Earl Athlone[?] 
 Earl Atholl[?]
 Earl Attlee[?] 
 Earl Avondale[?] 
 Earl Aylesford[?] 
 Earl Balcarres[?] 
 Earl Baldwin of Bewdley[?] 
 Earl Balfour[?] 
 Earl Bathurst[?] 
 Earl Beatty[?] 
 Earl Beauchamp[?] 
 Earl Bessborough[?] 
 Earl Birkenhead[?] 
 Earl Blessington[?]
 Earl Bothwell[?]
 Earl Bradford[?]
 Earl Brandon[?] 
 Earl Brassey[?] 
 Earl Breadalbane and Holland[?] 
 Earl Brooke of Warwick Castle[?] 
 Earl Brownlow[?] 
 Earl Buccleuch[?] 
 Earl Buchan[?]
 Earl Buckinghamshire[?] 
 Earl Bute[?] 
 Earl Buxton[?] 
 Earl Cadogan[?]
 Earl Cadogan[?]
 Earl Cairns[?] 
 Earl Caithne[?]
 Earl Caledon[?] 
 Earl Callander[?] 
 Earl Campbell and Cowall[?] 
 Earl Camperdown[?] 
 Earl Canning[?] 
 Earl Carbery[?] 
 Earl Carhampton[?] 
 Earl Carlingford[?] 
 Earl Carlow[?] 
 Earl Carnarvon[?]
 Earl Carnwath[?]
 Earl Carrick[?]
 Earl Carrick[?]
 Earl Carysfort[?] 
 Earl Cassillis[?] 
 Earl Castle Stewart[?] 
 Earl Castlehaven[?]
 Earl Castlemaine[?] 
 Earl Cathcart[?] 
 Earl Catherlough[?] 
 Earl Cavan[?] 
 Earl Cawdor of Castlemartin[?] 
 Earl Charlemont[?] 
 Earl Charleville[?]
 Earl Chatham[?] 
 Earl Chichester[?]
 Earl Clanbrassill[?] 
 Earl Clancare[?] 
 Earl Clancarty[?]
 Earl Clanricarde[?] 
 Earl Clanwilliam[?] 
 Earl Clarconnell[?] 
 Earl Clare[?] 
 Earl Clarendon[?]
 Earl Clermont[?] 
 Earl Clinton[?] 
 Earl Clonmell[?] 
 Earl Coningsby[?] 
 Earl Conyngham of Mount Charles[?] 
 Earl Cork and Orrery[?] 
 Earl Cork[?] 
 Earl Cornwallis[?] 
 Earl Cottenham[?] 
 Earl Courtown[?] 
 Earl Cowley[?] 
 Earl Cowper[?] 
 Earl Cranbrook[?] 
 Earl Craven[?]
 Earl Crawford[?]
 Earl Cromartie[?] 
 Earl Cromarty[?] 
 Earl Cromer[?] 
 Earl Curzon of Kedleston[?] 
 Earl Curzon[?]
 Earl Dalhousie[?] 
 Earl Dalkeith[?] 
 Earl Darlington[?]
 Earl Darlington[?]
 Earl Darnley[?]
 Earl Darnley[?]
 Earl Dartmouth[?] 
 Earl Dartrey[?] 
 Earl De Grey of Wrest[?] 
 Earl de la Warr[?]
 Earl De La Warr[?] 
 Earl Delorain[?] 
 Earl Desart[?] 
 Earl Desmond[?]
 Earl Digby[?] 
 Earl Dirletoun[?] 
 Earl Donegall[?] 
 Earl Donoughmore[?] 
 Earl Dorchester[?] 
 Earl Douglas[?] 
 Earl Downe[?] 
 Earl Drogheda[?] 
 Earl Drumlanrig and Sanquhar[?] 
 Earl Ducie[?] 
 Earl Dudley of Dudley Castle[?] 
 Earl Dudley[?] 
 Earl Dufferin[?] 
 Earl Dumbarton[?] 
 Earl Dumfries[?] 
 Earl Dunbar[?]
 Earl Dundonald[?] 
 Earl Dunfermline[?] 
 Earl Dunmore[?]
 Earl Dunraven and Mountearl[?] 
 Earl Durham[?] 
 Earl Dysart[?]
 Earl Edirdale[?]
 Earl Effingham[?]
 Earl Eglinton[?] 
 Earl Egmont[?] 
 Earl Egremont[?] 
 Earl Eldon[?] 
 Earl Elgin[?] 
 Earl Ellenborough[?] 
 Earl Ellesmere[?] 
 Earl Ely[?]
 Earl Enniskillen[?] 
 Earl Enzie[?] 
 Earl Erne[?] 
 Earl Erroll[?] 
 Earl Ethie[?] 
 Earl Farnham[?]
 Earl Ferrers[?] 
 Earl Feversham[?] 
 Earl Fife[?] 
 Earl Findlater[?] 
 Earl Fingall[?] 
 Earl Fitzwilliam[?]
 Earl Forfar[?] 
 Earl Fortescue[?] 
 Earl Forth[?] 
 Earl Gainsborough[?]
 Earl Galloway[?] 
 Earl Galway[?] 
 Earl Garioch[?] 
 Earl Gifford[?] 
 Earl Glandore[?] 
 Earl Glasgow[?] 
 Earl Glencairn[?] 
 Earl Glengall[?] 
 Earl Gosford[?] 
 Earl Gower[?]
 Earl Gowran[?] 
 Earl Gowrie[?]
 Earl Granard[?] 
 Earl Grandison[?]
 Earl Granville[?] 
 Earl Grey 
 Earl Guilford[?] 
 Earl Haddington[?] 
 Earl Haig[?]
 Earl Halifax[?]
 Earl Halsbury[?] 
 Earl Harcourt[?] 
 Earl Hardwicke[?] 
 Earl Harewood[?] 
 Earl Harrington[?] 
 Earl Harrowby[?] 
 Earl Hartfell[?] 
 Earl Home[?] 
 Earl Hopetoun[?] 
 Earl Howe[?] 
 Earl Huntly[?] 
 Earl Hyndford[?] 
 Earl Iddesleigh[?] 
 Earl Ilay[?] 
 Earl Ilchester[?] 
 Earl Inchcape[?] 
 Earl Inchiquin[?] 
 Earl Irvine[?] 
 Earl Iveagh[?] 
 Earl Jellicoe[?] 
 Earl Jowitt[?] 
 Earl Kellie[?] 
 Earl Kelso[?] 
 Earl Kenmare[?] 
 Earl Kerry[?] 
 Earl Kildare[?] 
 Earl Kilmarnock[?] 
 Earl Kilmorey[?] 
 Earl Kimberley[?] 
 Earl Kincardine[?] 
 Earl Kinghorne[?] 
 Earl Kingston[?] 
 Earl Kinnoull[?] 
 Earl Kintore[?] 
 Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome[?] 
 Earl Lanark[?] 
 Earl Lanesborough[?] 
 Earl Lauderdale[?] 
 Earl Leicester[?]
 Earl Leinster[?] 
 Earl Leitrim[?] 
 Earl Lennox[?]
 Earl Leslie[?] 
 Earl Leven[?] 
 Earl Lichfield[?]
 Earl Lifford[?] 
 Earl Ligonier[?] 
 Earl Limerick[?]
 Earl Lindsay[?] 
 Earl Linlithgow[?] 
 Earl Lisburne[?] 
 Earl Listowel[?] 
 Earl Liverpool[?]
 Earl Llandaff[?] 
 Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor[?] 
 Earl Londonderry[?]
 Earl Longford[?]
 Earl Lonsdale[?]
 Earl Lorne[?] 
 Earl Lothian[?] 
 Earl Loudoun[?] 
 Earl Louth[?]
 Earl Lovelace[?] 
 Earl Lucan[?]
 Earl Ludlow[?] 
 Earl Lytton[?] 
 Earl Macartney[?] 
 Earl Macclesfield[?]
 Earl Malmesbury[?] 
 Earl Malton[?] 
 Earl Mansfield[?] 
 Earl Manvers[?] 
 Earl Mar[?]
 Earl March[?]
 Earl Marchmont[?] 
 Earl Marischal[?] 
 Earl Mayo[?] 
 Earl Meath[?] 
 Earl Melfort[?] 
 Earl Melrose[?] 
 Earl Melville[?] 
 Earl Menteith[?]
 Earl Mexborough[?] 
 Earl Middleton[?] 
 Earl Midleton[?] 
 Earl Milltown[?] 
 Earl Minto[?] 
 Earl Moira[?] 
 Earl Montrose[?] 
 Earl Moray[?]
 Earl Morley[?] 
 Earl Morton[?] 
 Earl Mount Edgcumbe[?] 
 Earl Mount-Alexander[?] 
 Earl Mountbatten of Burma 
 Earl Mountrath[?] 
 Earl Munster[?] 
 Earl Nelson[?] 
 Earl Newburgh[?] 
 Earl Nithsdale[?] 
 Earl Norbury[?] 
 Earl Normanton[?] 
 Earl Northesk[?] 
 Earl Northington[?] 
 Earl Norwich[?]
 Earl Nugent[?] 
 Earl of (Upper)-Ossory[?] 
 Earl of Abercorn
 Earl of Aberdeen
 Earl of Abergavenny[?]
 Earl of Abernethy[?]
 Earl of Aboyne[?] 
 Earl of Ailesbury[?]
 Earl of Airlie[?] 
 Earl of Airth[?] 
 Earl of Almond[?] 
 Earl of Amherst[?] 
 Earl of Ancaster[?] 
 Earl of Ancaster[?] 
 Earl of Ancram[?] 
 Earl of Anglesey[?]
 Earl of Angus[?]
 Earl of Annandale and Hartfell[?] 
 Earl of Annandale[?] 
 Earl of Annesley[?]
 Earl of Antrim[?]
 Earl of Ardglass[?]
 Earl of Argyll[?] 
 Earl of Arran[?]
 Earl of Ashburnham[?] 
 Earl of Athlone[?]
 Earl of Atholl[?]
 Earl of Attlee[?] 
 Earl of Avondale[?] 
 Earl of Aylesford[?] 
 Earl of Balcarres[?] 
 Earl of Balfour[?] 
 Earl of Bandon[?]
 Earl of Bangor[?]
 Earl of Barrymore[?]
 Earl of Bathurst[?] 
 Earl of Beaconsfield 
 Earl of Beatty[?] 
 Earl of Beauchamp[?] 
 Earl of Bellamont[?]
 Earl of Belmore[?]
 Earl of Bessborough[?] 
 Earl of Birkenhead[?] 
 Earl of Blessington[?]
 Earl of Bothwell[?]
 Earl of Bradford[?]
 Earl of Brandon[?] 
 Earl of Brassey[?] 
 Earl of Breadalbane and Holland[?] 
 Earl of Bristol[?]
 Earl of Brooke of Warwick Castle[?] 
 Earl of Brownlow[?] 
 Earl of Buccleuch[?] 
 Earl of Buchan[?]
 Earl of Buckinghamshire[?] 
 Earl of Bute[?] 
 Earl of Buxton[?] 
 Earl of Cadogan[?]
 Earl of Cairns[?] 
 Earl of Cairns[?] 
 Earl of Caithne[?]
 Earl of Caledon[?] 
 Earl of Callander[?] 
 Earl of Campbell and Cowall[?] 
 Earl of Camperdown[?] 
 Earl of Canning[?] 
 Earl of Carbery[?] 
 Earl of Carhampton[?] 
 Earl of Carlingford[?] 
 Earl of Carlisle[?]
 Earl of Carlow[?] 
 Earl of Carnarvon[?]
 Earl of Carnwath[?]
 Earl of Carrick[?]
 Earl of Carysfort[?] 
 Earl of Cassillis[?] 
 Earl of Castle Stewart[?] 
 Earl of Castlehaven[?]
 Earl of Castlemaine[?] 
 Earl of Cathcart[?] 
 Earl of Cathcart[?] 
 Earl of Catherlough[?] 
 Earl of Cavan[?] 
 Earl of Charlemont[?] 
 Earl of Charleville[?]
 Earl of Chatham[?]
 Earl of Chichester[?]
 Earl of Cholmondeley[?]
 Earl of Clanbrassill[?] 
 Earl of Clancare[?] 
 Earl of Clancarty[?]
 Earl of Clanricarde[?] 
 Earl of Clanwilliam[?] 
 Earl of Clarconnell[?] 
 Earl of Clare[?] 
 Earl of Clarendon[?]
 Earl of Clermont[?] 
 Earl of Clinton[?] 
 Earl of Clonmell[?] 
 Earl of Coningsby[?] 
 Earl of Conyngham of Mount Charles[?] 
 Earl of Cork and Orrery[?] 
 Earl of Cork 
 Earl of Cornwallis[?] 
 Earl of Cottenham[?] 
 Earl of Courtown[?] 
 Earl of Cowley[?] 
 Earl of Cowper[?] 
 Earl of Cranbrook[?] 
 Earl of Craven[?]
 Earl of Crawford and Balcarres[?]
 Earl of Crawford[?]
 Earl of Crewe[?]
 Earl of Cromartie[?] 
 Earl of Cromarty[?] 
 Earl of Cromer[?] 
 Earl of Curzon of Kedleston[?] 
 Earl of Dalhousie[?] 
 Earl of Dalkeith[?] 
 Earl of Darlington[?]
 Earl of Darnley[?]
 Earl of Dartmouth[?]
 Earl of Dartrey[?] 
 Earl of De Grey of Wrest[?] 
 Earl of De La Warr[?] 
 Earl of Delorain[?] 
 Earl of Desart[?] 
 Earl of Desmond[?]
 Earl of Digby[?] 
 Earl of Dillon[?] 
 Earl of Dirletoun[?] 
 Earl of Donegall[?] 
 Earl of Donoughmore[?] 
 Earl of Dorchester[?] 
 Earl of Douglas[?] 
 Earl of Downe[?] 
 Earl of Drogheda[?] 
 Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar[?] 
 Earl of Ducie[?] 
 Earl of Dudley[?] 
 Earl of Dufferin[?] 
 Earl of Dumbarton[?] 
 Earl of Dumfries[?] 
 Earl of Dunbar[?]
 Earl of Dundee[?] 
 Earl of Dundonald[?] 
 Earl of Dunfermline[?] 
 Earl of Dunmore[?]
 Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl[?] 
 Earl of Durham[?] 
 Earl of Dysart[?]
 Earl of Edirdale[?]
 Earl of Effingham[?]
 Earl of Eglinton[?] 
 Earl of Egmont[?] 
 Earl of Egremont[?] 
 Earl of Eldon[?] 
 Earl of Elgin[?] 
 Earl of Ellenborough[?] 
 Earl of Ellesmere[?] 
 Earl of Ely[?]
 Earl of Enniskillen[?] 
 Earl of Enzie[?] 
 Earl of Erne[?] 
 Earl of Erroll[?] 
 Earl of Ethie[?] 
 Earl of Falkland[?] 
 Earl of Farnham[?]
 Earl of Ferrers[?] 
 Earl of Feversham[?] 
 Earl of Fife[?] 
 Earl of Findlater[?] 
 Earl of Fingall[?] 
 Earl of Fitzwilliam[?]
 Earl of Forfar[?] 
 Earl of Fortescue[?] 
 Earl of Forth[?] 
 Earl of Gainsborough[?]
 Earl of Galloway[?] 
 Earl of Galway[?] 
 Earl of Garioch[?] 
 Earl of Gifford[?] 
 Earl of Glandore[?] 
 Earl of Glasgow[?] 
 Earl of Glencairn[?] 
 Earl of Glengall[?] 
 Earl of Godolphin[?]
 Earl of Gosford[?] 
 Earl of Gowran[?] 
 Earl of Gowrie[?]
 Earl of Granard[?] 
 Earl of Grandison[?]
 Earl of Granville[?] 
 Earl of Grey[?] 
 Earl of Guilford[?] 
 Earl of Haddington[?] 
 Earl of Haig[?]
 Earl of Halifax[?]
 Earl of Halifax[?]
 Earl of Halsbury[?] 
 Earl of Halsbury[?] 
 Earl of Harcourt[?] 
 Earl of Hardwicke[?]
 Earl of Harewood[?] 
 Earl of Harrington[?] 
 Earl of Harrowby[?]
 Earl of Hartfell[?] 
 Earl of Home[?] 
 Earl of Hopetoun[?] 
 Earl of Howe[?] 
 Earl of Huntly[?] 
 Earl of Hyndford[?] 
 Earl of Iddesleigh[?] 
 Earl of Ilay[?] 
 Earl of Ilchester[?] 
 Earl of Inchcape[?] 
 Earl of Inchiquin[?] 
 Earl of Irvine[?] 
 Earl of Iveagh[?] 
 Earl of Jellicoe[?] 
 Earl of Jersey[?] 
 Earl of Jowitt[?] 
 Earl of Kellie[?] 
 Earl of Kelso[?] 
 Earl of Kenmare[?] 
 Earl of Kerry[?] 
 Earl of Kildare[?] 
 Earl of Kilmarnock[?] 
 Earl of Kilmorey[?] 
 Earl of Kimberley[?]
 Earl of Kincardine[?] 
 Earl of Kinghorne[?] 
 Earl of Kingston[?] 
 Earl of Kinnoull[?] 
 Earl of Kintore[?] 
 Earl of Lanark[?] 
 Earl of Lanesborough[?] 
 Earl of Lauderdale[?] 
 Earl of Leicester[?]
 Earl of Leinster[?] 
 Earl of Leitrim[?] 
 Earl of Lennox[?]
 Earl of Leslie[?] 
 Earl of Leven[?] 
 Earl of Lichfield[?]
 Earl of Lifford[?] 
 Earl of Ligonier[?] 
 Earl of Limerick[?]
 Earl of Lindsay[?] 
 Earl of Linlithgow[?] 
 Earl of Lisburne[?] 
 Earl of Listowel[?] 
 Earl of Liverpool[?]
 Earl of Llandaff[?] 
 Earl of Londonderry[?]
 Earl of Longford
 Earl of Lonsdale[?]
 Earl of Lorne[?] 
 Earl of Lothian[?] 
 Earl of Loudoun[?] 
 Earl of Louth[?]
 Earl of Lovelace[?] 
 Earl of Lucan
 Earl of Ludlow[?] 
 Earl of Lytton[?] 
 Earl of Macartney[?] 
 Earl of Macclesfield[?]
 Earl of Malmesbury[?]
 Earl of Malton[?] 
 Earl of Mansfield[?] 
 Earl of Manvers[?] 
 Earl of Mar[?]
 Earl of March[?]
 Earl of Marchmont[?] 
 Earl of Marischal[?] 
 Earl of Mayo[?] 
 Earl of Meath[?] 
 Earl of Melfort[?] 
 Earl of Melrose[?] 
 Earl of Melville[?] 
 Earl of Menteith[?]
 Earl of Mexborough[?] 
 Earl of Middleton[?] 
 Earl of Midleton[?] 
 Earl of Minto[?]
 Earl of Moira[?] 
 Earl of Montrose[?] 
 Earl of Moray[?]
 Earl of Morley[?] 
 Earl of Morton[?] 
 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe[?] 
 Earl of Mount-Alexander[?] 
 Earl of Mountrath[?] 
 Earl of Mulgrave[?]
 Earl of Munster[?] 
 Earl of Nairne[?] 
 Earl of Nelson[?] 
 Earl of Newburgh[?] 
 Earl of Newcastle[?] 
 Earl of Nithsdale[?] 
 Earl of Norbury[?] 
 Earl of Normanton[?] 
 Earl of Northesk[?] 
 Earl of Northington[?] 
 Earl of Norwich[?]
 Earl of Nugent[?] 
 Earl of Offaly[?] 
 Earl of O'Neill[?] 
 Earl of Onslow[?] 
 Earl of Onslow[?] 
 Earl of Orford[?] 
 Earl of Orkney[?]
 Earl of Ormond[?]
 Earl of Ormonde[?]
 Earl of Orrery[?] 
 Earl of Oxford and Asquith[?] 
 Earl of Panmure[?] 
 Earl of Peel[?] 
 Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery[?] 
 Earl of Perth[?] 
 Earl of Plymouth[?]
 Earl of Pomfret[?] 
 Earl of Portarlington[?] 
 Earl of Portland[?] 
 Earl of Portmore[?] 
 Earl of Portsmouth[?]
 Earl of Powis[?]
 Earl of Queensberry[?] 
 Earl of Radnor[?]
 Earl of Ranfurly[?] 
 Earl of Rangelah[?] 
 Earl of Rathdowne[?] 
 Earl of Ripon[?]
 Earl of Roberts[?] 
 Earl of Roden[?] 
 Earl of Romney[?]
 Earl of Roscommon[?] 
 Earl of Rosebery[?]
 Earl of Ross[?] 
 Earl of Rosse[?]
 Earl of Rosslyn[?]
 Earl of Rothes[?] 
 Earl of Roxburghe[?] 
 Earl of Ruglen[?] 
 Earl of Russell[?] 
 Earl of Russell[?]
 Earl of Sandwich 
 Earl of Saint Aldwyn[?] 
 Earl of Saint Germans[?] 
 Earl of Saint Vincent[?] 
 Earl of Seafield[?] 
 Earl of Seaforth[?] 
 Earl of Sefton[?] 
 Earl of Selborne[?] 
 Earl of Selkirk[?] 
 Earl of Shannon[?] 
 Earl of Shelburne[?]
 Earl of Shipbrook[?] 
 Earl of Solway[?] 
 Earl of Sondes[?] 
 Earl of Southesk[?] 
 Earl of Spencer[?] 
 Earl of Stair[?] 
 Earl of Stirling[?] 
 Earl of Stradbroke[?] 
 Earl of Strafford[?]
 Earl of Strathearn[?]
 Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne[?] 
 Earl of Strathtay and Strathardle[?] 
 Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire[?]
 Earl of Sunderland[?]
 Earl of Sutherland[?] 
 Earl of Talbot[?] 
 Earl of Tankerville[?]
 Earl of Tarras[?] 
 Earl of Temple of Stowe[?] 
 Earl of Temple of Stowe[?] 
 Earl of Temple[?] 
 Earl of Temple[?] 
 Earl of Tenterden[?] 
 Earl of Teviot[?] 
 Earl of Thomond[?]
 Earl of Traquair[?] 
 Earl of Tullibardine[?]
 Earl of Tweeddale[?] 
 Earl of Tylney of Castlemaine[?] 
 Earl of Tyrconnel[?] 
 Earl of Tyrone[?] 
 Earl of Ulster[?]
 Earl of Uxbridge[?]
 Earl of Verney[?] 
 Earl of Verulam[?] 
 Earl of Waldegrave[?] 
 Earl of Warrington[?]
 Earl of Warwick[?] 
 Earl of Waterford[?] 
 Earl of Wavell[?] 
 Earl of Wemyss[?] 
 Earl of Westmeath[?]
 Earl of Westminster[?]
 Earl of Westmorland[?]
 Earl of Westmorland[?]
 Earl of Wexford[?] 
 Earl of Wharncliffe[?] 
 Earl of Wharncliffe[?] 
 Earl of Whitworth[?] 
 Earl of Whitworth[?] 
 Earl of Wicklow[?] 
 Earl of Wigton[?] 
 Earl of Wigtown[?] 
 Earl of Wilmington[?]
 Earl of Wilmington[?] 
 Earl of Wilton[?]
 Earl of Wilton[?]
 Earl of Winterton[?]
 Earl of Winton[?]
 Earl of Yarborough[?] 
 Earl of Yarborough[?] 
 Earl of Yarmouth[?]
 Earl of Ypres[?] 
 Earl of Ypres[?] 
 Earl of Zetland[?]
 Earl of Zetland[?]
 Earl Offaly[?] 
 Earl O'Neill[?] 
 Earl Onslow[?] 
 Earl Orford[?] 
 Earl Orford[?] 
 Earl Orkney[?]
 Earl Ormond[?]
 Earl Ormonde[?]
 Earl Orrery[?] 
 Earl Oxford and Asquith[?] 
 Earl Panmure[?] 
 Earl Panmure[?] 
 Earl Peel[?] 
 Earl Perth[?] 
 Earl Plymouth[?]
 Earl Pomfret[?] 
 Earl Portarlington[?] 
 Earl Portmore[?] 
 Earl Portsmouth[?]
 Earl Powis[?]
 Earl Powis[?]
 Earl Queensberry[?] 
 Earl Radnor[?]
 Earl Ranfurly[?] 
 Earl Rangelah[?] 
 Earl Rathdowne[?] 
 Earl Roberts[?] 
 Earl Roden[?] 
 Earl Romney[?]
 Earl Roscommon[?] 
 Earl Rosebery[?] 
 Earl Ross[?] 
 Earl Rosse[?]
 Earl Rosslyn[?] 
 Earl Rothes[?] 
 Earl Roxburghe[?] 
 Earl Ruglen[?] 
 Earl Russell[?] 
 Earl Saint Aldwyn[?] 
 Earl Saint Germans[?] 
 Earl Saint Vincent[?] 
 Earl Seafield[?] 
 Earl Seaforth[?] 
 Earl Seaforth[?] 
 Earl Sefton[?] 
 Earl Selborne[?] 
 Earl Selkirk[?] 
 Earl Shannon[?] 
 Earl Shelburne[?]
 Earl Shipbrook[?] 
 Earl Solway[?] 
 Earl Sondes[?] 
 Earl Southesk[?] 
 Earl Spencer 
 Earl Stair[?] 
 Earl Stirling[?] 
 Earl Stradbroke[?] 
 Earl Strafford[?]
 Earl Strathearn[?]
 Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne[?] 
 Earl Strathtay and Strathardle[?] 
 Earl Sutherland[?] 
 Earl Talbot[?] 
 Earl Tankerville[?]
 Earl Tarras[?] 
 Earl Temple of Stowe[?] 
 Earl Temple[?]
 Earl Temple[?] 
 Earl Teviot[?] 
 Earl Thomond[?]
 Earl Traquair[?] 
 Earl Tullibardine[?]
 Earl Tweeddale[?] 
 Earl Tylney of Castlemaine[?] 
 Earl Tyrconnel[?] 
 Earl Tyrconnell[?]
 Earl Tyrone[?] 
 Earl Ulster[?]
 Earl Uxbridge[?]
 Earl Verney[?] 
 Earl Verulam[?] 
 Earl Waldegrave[?] 
 Earl Warrington[?]
 Earl Warwick[?] 
 Earl Waterford[?] 
 Earl Wavell[?] 
 Earl Wemyss[?] 
 Earl Westmeath[?]
 Earl Wexford[?] 
 Earl Wharncliffe[?] 
 Earl Whitworth[?] 
 Earl Wicklow[?] 
 Earl Wigton[?] 
 Earl Wigtown[?] 
 Earl Wilmington[?] 
 Earl Wilton[?]
 Earl Winterton[?]
 Earl Winton[?]
 Earl Yarborough[?] 
 Earl Yarmouth[?]
 Earl Ypres[?] 
 Earl Zetland[?]
 Marquess of Abercorn
 Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair[?]
 Marquess of Abergavenny[?]
 Marquess of Ailesbury[?]
 Marquess of Ailsa[?]
 Marquess of Anglesey[?]
 Marquess of Angus[?] 
 Marquess of Annandale[?] 
 Marquess of Antrim[?] 
 Marquess of Argyll[?] 
 Marquess of Athole[?] 
 Marquess of Bambreich[?] 
 Marquess of Bath[?]
 Marquess of Bowmont and Cressford[?] 
 Marquess of Breadalbane[?]
 Marquess of Bristol[?]
 Marquess of Buckingham[?]
 Marquess of Bute[?]
 Marquess of Cambridge[?]
 Marquess of Camden[?]
 Marquess of Carisbroke[?]
 Marquess of Catherlough[?] 
 Marquess of Cholmondeley[?]
 Marquess of Clanricarde[?]
 Marquess of Clydesdale[?] 
 Marquess of Conyngham[?] 
 Marquess of Cornwallis[?] 
 Marquess of Crewe[?]
 Marquess of Curzon of Kedleston[?]
 Marquess of Donegall[?] 
 Marquess of Douglas[?] 
 Marquess of Downshire[?] 
 Marquess of Drogheda[?] 
 Marquess of Dublin[?] 
 Marquess of Dufferin and Ava[?]
 Marquess of Dumfriesshire[?] 
 Marquess of Ely[?]
 Marquess of Ely[?]
 Marquess of Exeter[?]
 Marquess of Forth[?]
 Marquess of Graham and Buchanan[?] 
 Marquess of Halifax[?]
 Marquess of Hamilton[?] 
 Marquess of Hastings[?] 
 Marquess of Headfort[?] 
 Marquess of Hertford[?] 
 Marquess of Huntly[?] 
 Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne[?] 
 Marquess of Lansdowne[?] 
 Marquess of Linlithgow[?] 
 Marquess of Londonderry[?]
 Marquess of Lothian[?] 
 Marquess of Malmesbury[?] 
 Marquess of March[?] 
 Marquess of Milford Haven[?]
 Marquess of Montgomery[?] 
 Marquess of Montrose[?] 
 Marquess of Normanby
 Marquess of Normanby
 Marquess of Northampton[?]
 Marquess of Ormond[?] 
 Marquess of Ormonde[?]
 Marquess of Queensberry 
 Marquess of Reading[?]
 Marquess of Ripon[?]
 Marquess of Rockingham[?] 
 Marquess of Salisbury 
 Marquess of Seaforth[?] 
 Marquess of Sligo[?] 
 Marquess of Stafford[?]
 Marquess of Townshend[?]
 Marquess of Tullibardine[?] 
 Marquess of Tweeddale[?] 
 Marquess of Tyrconnell[?]
 Marquess of Waterford[?] 
 Marquess of Wellesley[?] 
 Marquess of Westmeath[?]
 Marquess of Wharton[?]
 Marquess of Wigtown[?]
 Marquess of Willingdon[?]
 Marquess of Zetland[?]
 Viscount Cranborne[?]
 Viscount Cross[?]
 Viscount Hailsham[?]
 Viscount Halifax[?]
 Viscount Halifax[?]
 Viscount Lonsdale[?]
 Viscount Lonsdale[?]
 Viscount Sidmouth[?]
 Viscount Snowden[?]

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