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My name is Michael Becker. I am a Computer Science student at Drexel University.

This is a picture of my little brother Ian (left), my older brother Andrew (right), and Me (center, duh!) when we went to visit Andrew in Hawaii, summer 2001.  We were in a mall at the time and they had a machine that would take your picture and e-mail it to you.

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First Contribution: 05:42 5 Sep 2002
Total Contributions: 2110 (as of 14:44 3 Jul 2003)

I have an "Are You A Wikipediholic" score of 61

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Favorite Quotes

"I'm not a robot like you. I don't like having disks crammed into me... unless they're Oreos[?], and then only in the mouth."
-- Fry[?]

"All right… It's Saturday night. I have no date, a two liter bottle of Shasta and my all rush mix tape. Let's rock!"
-- Fry[?]

*to the tune of Cunjunction Junction[?]* "Vagina junction what's your function?" "Taking in sperm and spitting out babies."
-- The Family Guy[?]

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