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So here's my userpage.

Unlike other Wikipedians, I don't brag about what I've done in Wikipedia. If you want to see, just look at my recent changes.

Here's some stuff my dad, Statkit 1[?], wrote about me.

This is the worst userpage on wikipedia. My name is Daniel Ehrenberg. According to Google, I am the second-most famous Daniel Ehrenberg (for my SAT score, of all things) and the most famous LittleDan (for this page). I am the youngest sysop. My dad is Statkit1 (he wrote most of this page). I live in Rochester, New York. I was born on July 17, 1989. I am a raving Linux lunatic. I hate Bill Gates and Microsoft. I think republicans cannot possibly believe the things they say. They must be concealing their immorality and greed in their rhetoric. Most bad things going on in the world can be accurately explained by doublethink, but Occam's razor cuts it down to ignorance. About 60% of my time on the internet I use wikipedia, the other I learn constructed languages like esperanto and lojban, as well as work on my own artificial language, which I'm not allowed to say anything about on the wiki. I desperately want to be homeschooled, but my family won't let me until after this year of regular school.

See also: User talk:LittleDan

My old username was User:anonymous56789.

i didn't delete any acronyms from the List of acronyms. What I deleted were initialisms, which are not acronyms. An acronym is a pronouncable word formed from initial letters. aka, AOL, CCCP, IMHO (and so on) are not acronyms; those are abbreviations, also called initialisms. Hope that makes sense :) Kingturtle 23:37 13 Jun 2003 (UTC)

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