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Provider of mostly optics related stuff. You may mail me at bwp(at)mellish.org.uk.

Articles I have a major interest in

Articles I have a minor interest in

Other articles I have provided figures for

To do list


If you want a figure an article, let me know here. I can do technical diagrams (e.g. lens, rainbow) and chemical structures (benzene, caffeine).

Welcome to Wikipedia, Dr.Bob!

I see that you are making interesting additions, specially in electronics and optics related articles. -- AstroNomer---- Yes, welcome, Dr. Bob! Thanks for your good work here. --Larry Sanger

Thank you for the warm welcome, guys. -- DrBob

Hey, great to have you on board! Could you please check over color and refractive index? I wrote those but I'm not an expert, I just asked around on usenet. Thanks --AxelBoldt
They look OK to me, I may make some minor revisions to clarify a few points --- DrBob
Hi, I did most of electromagnetic spectroscopy. Do you know why continuous spectrum arise? (I left a note where it needs to be explained). thanks - sodium
Hi, sodium recommended that I came to your with a question I have concerning cis/trans isomerism. Am I right is assuming that cis/trans isomerism is dependant on the atomic mass of the functional groups? For example, in the case of 1,2 dichloro ethene, would the fact that it exhibited geometric isomerism be dependant on the isotopes of the two chlorine atoms being equal? Thanks! Ddroar - Thanks for your answer, sounds logical to me, just something that bothered me, really.

Hi! I just saw the diagrams :image:Holography-record.png and :image:Holography-reconstruct.png that you uploaded. They look great! I'd love to be able to use them on the French (http://fr.wikipedia.com/) and Esperanto (http://eo.wikipedia.com/) sections of the wiki; would it be any trouble to upload versions without the text so they can be cleanly relabelled? --Brion VIBBER

Also, I like the fact that you've uploaded the "source" files for the illustrations as well, but it would be better if they were in some standard format like EPS or PDF instead of the Adobe-specific AI.

FWIW, these AI files seem to actually be PDF. Ghostscript can handle them. --Brion

It looked like some kind of PostScript, but GIMP and GV choked on the one I tried. I'll try running GS manually. --LDC

Hmm, Gimp does seem to choke. I can open Quadrilateral.ai with GSview (http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/gsview/) with no problem, though. (Using Ghostscript 7.04) --Brion

Thanks for helping the flesh-out process for fluorine Dr Bob. I've been neglecting that entry of late. --mav --- Hi DrBob I'am interrested in writing an article about photographic lenses but I don't know how to insert it. Can you rework your disanbigation to make space for it ? It seems you also have contributed to Rainbow. I believe the photo is a fake. What's your POV ?


I've added some comments of the rainbow in User talk:Ericd

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