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United States Federalist Party

United States Federalist Party was a party that evolved from the rift over how much federal control the government should have. Alexander Hamilton was the intellectual leader of the party, whose work in the Federalist papers made clear a preference for a strong, central United States government. The primary opposition to the Federalist Party was the Democratic-Republican Party, otherwise known as the "Anti-Federalists".

John Adams, who was president from 1797-1801, was the only president that was really squarely in the Federalist party as it existed. George Washington is often labeled a Federalist, and his philosophy may have aligned well with Federalist doctrine. However, Washington warned of the "baneful effects" of party politics (see George Washington's farewell address), and thus he never affiliated himself with any political party.

The Federalist party was destroyed by the War of 1812. They decided to oppose the war and appeared unpatriotic, and even treasonous after they threatened the secession of New England in 1814.

Federalist Party candidates in U.S. presidential elections:

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