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United States coinage

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The currently authorized denominations of circulating United States coins are:

All coins are fractions of the United States dollar and are created by the United States Mint[?].

Several non-circulating bullion coins are also produced by the United States Mint.

  • Hundred Dollar, $100, one ounce platinum
  • Fifty Dollar, $50, half-ounce platinum
  • Fifty Dollar, $50, one ounce gold
  • Twenty-Five Dollar, $25, half-ounce gold
  • Twenty-Five Dollar, $25, quarter-ounce platinum
  • Ten Dollar, $10, tenth-ounce platinum
  • Ten Dollar, $10, quarter-ounce gold
  • Five Dollar, $5, tenth-ounce gold
  • One Dollar, $1, one-ounce silver

Historical denominations of US coins, which no longer circulate, include:

  • half-cent
  • two cent
  • three cent
  • half dime
  • twenty cent
  • two and one-half dollar (slang name: quarter eagle)
  • three dollar
  • four dollar
  • five dollar (slang name: half eagle)
  • ten dollar (slang name: eagle)
  • twenty dollar (slang name: double eagle)

The current dollar coin[?] has an image of Sacagawea on the obverse, and is minted of a golden colored brass alloy. This "golden dollar" was designed to replace the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin[?], which was produced from 1979-1981 and again in 1999. The size, weight, and electromagnetic characterstics of the Sacagawea dollar exactly match those of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, avoiding any need to modify vending machines.

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