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Ubar was a near-legendary trading city that thrived hundreds of years before the time of Christ, in the Rub al Khali[?] desert of southern Arabia. Thought to have been lost in desert storms around 300 AD, it became mythologized as the quintessential opulently rich trade city, in the writings of historian Rashad al-Din[?] in the 1200s. It is said that the city was swallowed up in a storm as punishment for prideful impiety to God. Afterwards, it is said to have been the home of beastly, malformed creatures with only a single eye, arm and leg each. To travel to Ubar lead only to madness.

English adveturers in the last century made a vocation of entering the desert to try and scout out the location of this 'Atlantis of the sands', including Bertram Thomas[?] and later his friend, the infamous T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia). The discovery sadly eluded them both, and later fell to an American Archeologist, Wendell Phillips[?]. He searched along camel caravan routes in the Rub al Kahli desert, but as well met with failure.

In recent years, it is believed to have been identified by satellite.

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